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2015 Calendar and line-up

Mexico back in the calendar after 23 years!! Let's see the new track.

Also curious to see if they are going to race in RUssia with these new sanctions.........


  • Alonso to Red Bull and Vettel to Ferrari? Or Alonso to McLaren, Hamilton to Ferrari, Vettel to Mercedes and Magnussen to Red Bull? Or Alonso to McLaren, Hamilton to Red Bull, Hulkenberg to Mercedes and Vettel to Ferrari? The only certain things at the moment are Nico staying at Merc, Massa and Bottas at Williams and Ricciardo at Red Bull. I'm not even sure if Kimi will stay at Ferrari or retire, and also Jense's future is difficult to predict (Honda wanting a 'world champion' at McLaren, forgetting about the 2009 Championship, that Jense won with an irregular car that until the day before was named.....Honda!!!).
  • Alonso to mcLaren and Vettel to Ferrari.
    Let's see who of the Two will be paid more. Announcements after Abu Dhabi but AS, the spanish sports newspaper, anticipates that Alonso's contract will be the biggest ever....

    Very curious to see Kvyat on Red Bull, to see Max Verstappen and to see if with mercedes engines Lotus will regain positions in the field.

    Very pessimistic, instead, about Marussia and Caterham, we will never see marussia again and Abu Dhabi will be the last appearance for Caterham. And I don't know how long Sauber can resist.

    I'm afraid third car for the five top teams will be the only option to keep the field over 18....
  • is the mclaren deal done and dusted? he announced today on twitter than he'd leave Ferrari
  • Honda allowed changes to the engine during the season, the average of the changes Mercedes, Ferrari and Renault are still entitled to (6).
    Hope they do well, F1 needs it.
    But Fernando is of course gonna struggle this season.....
  • I have to say the new cars 9I saw Macca and Ferrari) look pretty beautiful, at least compared to last year......
  • Compared to last year I agree they are better looking, but I still don't quite like the noses. Improved for sure but still not where I want them to be aesthetically.
  • Merhi confirm with Stevens at Manor, although for now just for a few races.
    Instead the Van der Garde story at Sauber is great, first instance court in Victoria ordered Sauber to give him a seat for the whole season hahaha, let's see the appeal. Moneesha Kaltenborn was "disappointed about the decision" :-)

    I think this is the last season for Manor (if they really race at all), and for Sauber and Force India (if they manage to finish the season).
  • Ah, Marussia... gosh... we're close to the return of Manordi ;-)
  • Van der Garde won also in appeal but apparently he did not renew his superlicence in time!! Curious to see how it ends.
    Manor does not seem to have the money to pay for tyres......
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