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Alonso to Red Bull Vettel to Ferrari?

At least that's what I read in the papers this morning.

Makes me wonder whether Alonso is Red Bull material. After four Championships, Vettel is having a stinker of a season, not sure how that would improve at Ferrari.


  • There are many strange things about this crash by Alonso at Catalunya.
    Dennis is denying he was electrocuted but if you see pictures of the car, of its right side, there does not seem to be any violent impact with the wall.
    Plus doctors said Alonso was always conscious and Dennis admitted he was unconscious for some minutes.
    Plus he was kept in hospital for three days for an alleged concussion but then it was denied he had a concussion although "sympthoms were the same"....
    And he is now in doubt for Melbourne.
    I tend to believe there is a strong possibility that he was actually electrocuted (a risk some engineers always highlighted since KERS was introduced in 2009).
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