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Driverless F1 in 15 years?

If you think I'm joking watch this video here of a driverless Audi touring car

Look no hands

Boring? Perhaps but isn't like the current crop of drivers bring a lot of character to the sport :p


  • I hope racing never goes driverless, I will surely stop watching racing if that is the case. If only we could take the sponsorship corporate image out then more character would be in racing but economics of racing put zero chance of that happening.

    Really don't mind driverless vehicles in everyday life as my commute is generally a stop and go boring waste of time, but still would want the freedom to drive on my own or on a track.
  • If we go on like this we'lll have carless F1 in 15 years ;-)
  • That would be ideal. We could all turn up at the circuit and watch holograms zooming around.
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