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Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Stan -Abu Dhabi

POL: Hamilton
1ST: Rosberg
2ND: Vettel
3RD: Massa
4TH: Hamilton
OUT: Stevens
EXM: Vettel

Telstar - Abu Dhabi

POL: Hamilton
1ST: Rosberg
2ND: Vettel
3RD: Bottas
4TH: Ricciardo
OUT: Stevens
EXM: Vettel

SuperRoo - Abu Dhabi

POL: Clewlis
1ST: Clewlis
2ND: Rosberg
3RD: Ricciardo
4TH: Massa
OUT: Alonso
EXM: Ricciardo


  • Webbers customary lightning start was the catalyst to his brilliant GP. I'm pretty sure the HRT's could beat him to the first corner if they start beside him.

    If he tried those moves on say Jenson, then probably there wouldn't have been contact. Trying that move on those two??? Try the inside line!!!

    I didn't want Vettel to finish so high. Wanted Fernando to close the gap. However due to some amateur driving by some (Perez) made Vettel's march easier. I wander if Martin is reconsidering.
  • Great race and good to see the class of '01 showing their skills. Whatever happened to that Colombian chap?

    Well done to Vettel but I've thoroughly gone off him now. Brat.
  • Webber sure kept things interesting this weekend. Not often does one get investigated three times in one race and have no further action taken.

    Kimi's radio commentary was great, "Leave me alone, I know what I'm doing." Good to see him get the win.

    Viges the Colombian chap I assume you are referring to Montoya is still racing Nascar and a quick search shows him to be in 20th place this season, one better than last season.

    Two weeks until Austin, can't wait to see this track in person after many great driver reviews so far. Though traffic into the place may be worse than Silverstone.
  • Watched the race last night.

    Hamilton was robbed, that much is clear.

    Fred made a good result from a very slow car.

    Kimi was hilarious, but also got a good result from a car that was not the fastest by a long mile.

    This race was Red Bull's to run away with.in Vettel's case, the damage was done in qualy, and he was saved by some very lucky safety car timings.In Webber's case it was destroyed by his own foolishness. Mark knew he had a fast car, and his driving indicated that he thought he could get away with anything. Driving around the outside of Maldo-crash was just stupid. Everything after that was stupid-er. This boy needs to spend all of second practice in races just finding a quiet place and doing starts. At the moment, they are killing his races, and he could be vying for the chamionship if he had got them right through the season.

    Typical nonsense from the middle pack playing bumper cars shows that there has been absolutely no change to attitudes from the newbies at all. The TR boys stand out in this crowd for not being as stupid as the others though, and overall are driving much more sensibly. Poor JEV reprodcued his Monaco performance for this one, with a similar reult - no tyres at the end.

    Jenson who?
  • Kimi was fab on the radio. There's clearly no point in the media interviewing him in the paddock: just keep his mic channel open during the race.
  • POL: Hamilton

    1ST: Hamilton
    2ND: Bottas
    3RD: Vettel
    4TH: Ricciardo
    OUT: Raikkonen
    EXM: Vettel
  • POL: N. Rosberg
    1ST: N. Rosberg
    2ND: L. Hamilton
    3RD: F. Massa
    4TH: D. Ricciardo
    OUT: K. Kobayashi
    EXM: F. Alonso
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