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Ozzie GP

If early indicators are anything to go by, Red Bull seems to have lost its mojo after many years of dominating the sport. Williams are back at the subtop while it seems as if Mercedes will have a runaway year. Of course, early days but knowing how little cars can improve during the season the one second gap Mercedes had in qualifying seems very hard to undo!
Honourable mention for Carlos Sainz and Verstappen junior. Makes me feel very old


  • Boring, and for F1, more than a little bit embarrassing.

    How did so many of these folks get this so wrong? We expected this race 12 months ago. But after a whole year of development, this is what they come up with?

    Williams already unhappy with 'B' spec engines; Honda engine designers drawing straws to see who gets to top themselves to take responsibility for a complete disaster; Renault treading water too slowly to avoid sinking; it's all there.

    The only bit of good news is TOIT coming up with something that works. Even made the Sauber look good.

    That was just a crap weekend.
  • Mind you the BAR adventure wasn't exactly much to write home about either, so that makes 1991 the last time Honda really made a dent. That was 3 years before Carlos Sainz jr was born.
  • I went and paid to be bored...

    Anyway, my 2 cents. I was at turn 2, and there are two teams that have their chassis sorted. Mercedes and Ferrari. It's not just a power issue.

    That's all I have to say.
  • Toys out of the pram from RBR, how pathetic. Seb jumped ship (and to the correct ship) at just the right time.

    The rush to judgement is well underway (just as it was with small wings, small engines, single tyre supplier, etc., etc.,). Lewis should cream this, naturally, but this is Formula 1: this is how it is - TOIT, RBR both had dominant periods in recent history. At least Merc allow racing, unlike the Schumi era. Nico's chance has been and gone, as fleeting as it was for Webbo. He remains and excellent driver but he will now need to pounce on Lewis on a rare off day.

    Financially, clearly, there are four teams in imminent danger. F1 will always survive but three car teams will look daft. It is time to share the cake nicely.
  • Minardi Two seater australian gp 2015 (in Melbourne street)


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