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It has only just dawned on me that unless I sign up to pay TV, I won't get to see the next two races and only 10 in total this year.

Hate Foxtel, and their package is rubbish. Too much dosh to just get F1, so have been looking at FetchTV which I can get with my ISP.

The sport channels are ESPN & ESPN2.

Question; does either of these show all qualifying and races live???


  • maybe you can get a vpn and watch it online on British TV (pretending your computer is British)? I get quite decent results on strongvpn.com but haven't tried watching F1, then again Australia is far away
  • Hey Lease,

    fairly sure you cannot watch F1 on FetchTV. Mostly Euro football and Rugby. I'm in the same boat. Foxtell $50 a month or nothing. This is what Bernie wants, paid subscription rather than FTA...
  • I occasionally visit another F1 forum and some of the Australians there seem to use NowTV (7 GBP for a day pass). Sadly that also seems to be a UK only service, but you might try your luck with a proxy server. If you search Google for "NowTV Australia" you will find some tutorials.

  • hi i am back :-)
  • Welcome back, Neil ;)
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