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Malaysia GP

I was very happy to see Massimo punching the air as Sebastian completed an amazing race on top. Mercedes really messed up that one at the last pitstop. I'm always quite flabbergasted when you see a team which you never expect to mess up do something like that. Hamilton's also not a very graceful loser.

Amazing job by Max Verstappen. I see Red Bull complain a lot about their engine but seeing Ricciardo slide around that was about more than engine power, the car's a disaster. They had no chance against what is supposed to be their B-Team.

Fabiana and Jos chatting in the box during the race, it was 2003 all over again.


  • Yes, I saw that.

    We have a season ... but potentially only at very hot races!

    I think Lewis was very warm with Seb so its not fair to say he's a bad loser. On the radio he seems to be one of those highly-strung people who needs tension to thrive. I'm sure we've all worked with one of those sort of 'high achievers'! In fairness, as you say, the Merc prat perch have had better days so Lewis was quite restrained.

    On the matter of radio, I think Rosberg is shot. He was asking schoolboy questions and I felt quite sorry for him. Lewis has decimated his confidence.
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