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Canadian GP

Canadian GPs always brings back memories, especially because of the strong support base Minardi had/has there. Just stumbled upon this video here which shows a very gutsy qualifying drive by Albers in 15th, and a less convincing performance by Friesacher who had his car sliding all over the place.

Moving fast forward, I'm sure Hamilton's keen to make up for that terrible race in Monaco (I wonder whether those responsible were threatened with sacking) Compared to Monaco, it's all about the engine so I don't see anyone but Mercedes win this one. What do you guys think?


  • I would like to think Seb will take it.
  • That would definitely spice up the championship but Montreal is an engine track
  • Hey Robert, how would I upload pictures. Would like to add some photos of next weeks GP
  • Btw the best Minardi result in Canada was a 7th spot (Martini 1991, Nakano 1998) so they never scored a point there, really underlining that it's an engine kind of track.
  • Excellent lap from Albers, if only we could be beating Red Bull now!
  • Mercedes 1.2 seconds ahead of the Lotus in first practice. That's scary
  • luckily a bit tighter after the second session, with ferrari up there at the top, even outpacing rosberg. may get interesting after all
  • Hamilton .7 of a second ahead of Raikkonen. Unless he puts it into the wall it should be a walkover
  • Amazing how off pace McLaren are. Button didn't even get a lap in because of engine trouble
  • The troubles at the evil empire would be more amusing if Fred wasn't there but I'm sure Honda will improve.

    Qualifying was more dramatic for what went wrong than for actual on track action, bad day for Vettel but good for Lotus and Bottas.

    Can't see anything other than a Merc win unless they manage to cock it up!
  • absolutely, Fernando's cursing away at the back. Makes you wonder how they could have messed up so bad
  • This is turning into the season that never was. Look at the plethora of quality drivers just going around and not participating. Time to admit that someone has got this whole engine thing very, very wrong.

    Didn't see the race of course. Thanks to our good friends at Channel Ten selling out a year early to Foxtel, this one comes only as a 'highlights' package the day after *yawn*, and I didn't even bother watching that.

    I am a person who enjoys, salivates over even, every miss the Brits make, but the commentary team now resident at Sky do make the race more interesting. The BBC team of the dour DC, and breathless Ben Edwards just doesn't engage. So the races are boring, and thanks to our not-so-free-to-air broadcast rights holder, I have to pay if I want to watch more than 9 races live this year. Foxtel 'Sports' package is $70 a month. Piss off! So getting lots of extra sleep this winter.

    Formula One really is looking like Marilyn Munro at the moment. Everyone wants to suck as much money as it can from her, but there isn't much substance there to have.
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