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F1 books worth your while

Just realised there's an Alex Yoong biography available on Amazon (for a 5er) so ordered it for the next beach holiday. No idea whether it's good or bad but I will give you an update. It made me wonder, what other books are out there. Of course, there's viges' seminal "Forza Minardi" and GCM's book (which is harder to order) but have you guys come across other books dealing with our fave team or its drivers? What about other F1 books? I have a copy of the Piranha Club lying around somewhere but found it a bit dry. Any suggestions?


  • Apart from Simons masterpiece, obviously, I don't have that many motorsport books. Murray Walkers book I found less engaging than it should have been but Mrs Watkins book about Bernie and the Ken Tyrell biography are both highly recommended!
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