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Is DC a bit bored by it all?

As is the case in Australia, F1 has disappeared behind the pay wall of a cable provider (I can't even get) in Belgium so I can choose between German RTL or the BBC to watch it. I can't help but feel that DC seems to be a bit bored by it all. There's very little emotion in his voice which makes an uneventful race like the one in Canada a bit tough to watch.


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    Most boring Canadian GP in years. When I saw Hamilton go through the first corner I jokingly told the person I was watching with, that we might as well turn on something different. I wish I had.

    Rosberg has no chance against Hamilton. At first I thought it was bad luck, then I thought it was strategy... but I guess Hamilton has just mentally broken him by now.
  • The only live GP I have seen was the Australian. That's because I was there. The "highlights" package is plain boring. I have gone from watching every GP since the eighties to only 1 in 2015. Thanks Bernie for pushing for the Pay TV model. This sport is so boring now. It is such a struggle to keep any interest at all for F1.
  • Seconded: scrap France, scrap Germany, scrap Imola ... sod it, scrap Monza. Flappy wing nonsense, 'push now', 'I can't overtake him'. Brilliant, well done everyone. CVC is sucking gazillions out of the sport so TV money and colourful regimes are the short-term fix.

    Will I still watch? Course I will.
  • One looks at those comments and thinks about this season and it really is quite bad. Boring races, mindless formula, pay-to-piss attitude, they do seem to be looking for ways to kill this thing. Thank god there is Formula E to show us that there are levels to which motor racing should never stoop.

    NASCAR,V8 Supercars, Inycar, DTM, and Sports Cars must be loving this shit. Mind you the V8s have also disappeared behind the Fox eftpos terminal.
  • I never watched FormulaE, is it that bad?
  • Oh yes. They happen to put the replays on here before lunch on Sunday mornings which coincides with my exercise so I've watched a couple. Very slow. The drivers try hard but there is not much there. Commentators try to build up the tension by comparing the amount of charge the cars have left. The pitstops are minimum limited to something like 1.45 - one minute, forty five seconds. Car comes in, driver gets out, gets in fresh car, drives off after minimum time has elapsed. The races I've seen have been on tight street circuits and I'm not certain if they do that to make it look faster, but it would be hilarious to see them at Monza. They could be 3 wide around the parabolica I reckon. Watch it for two minutes, get a giggle, stop watching.
  • That's sums up FormulaE pretty well. Watched a race once last year. actually, I watched about 4 laps of a race, couldn't handle it anymore, turned telly off.
  • yet it seems to have more backing than previous efforts for a rival series such as A1GP or Superleague
  • Watch it.............................if you can
  • RJ, that's only because all of the tree huggers and teddy bear cuddlers of the world have jumped on board to make themselves look relevant.

    I'd rather sit at home and scoop my eye out with a melon baller.
  • Youtube it, or it didn't happen. Try to use a good quality mellon baller mate.
  • How do you put stuff on youtube? I can barely manage this stuff...... I'm a doggie, we don't do well with tech stuff.
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