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On The Road Again

Interesting how life changes. Single now for a little over a year, and settled in nicely to a comfortable townhouse, having sold the 'property', big boat, horses, and all the stuff that families accumulate, and life going along very nicely thank you.

Then what happens? One of our major competitors steals my old boss (no loss if you ask me); and then she proceeds to steal our best performers. So we are in some disarray and our client base is under siege by the ship-jumpers. The CEO comes down to Canberra ( a rare visit) and tells me I've got to stop hiding out and move to Sydney to help get things back on track. Knowing that he is a famous tight-arse, I make outrageous relocation cost demands, and top that off with a demand for guaranteed commissions 60% higher than i get now for the first year, and think no more of it. Next thing i know I'm looking for a replacement here and making arrangements to move to Sydney.

Canberra ranks very high in those 'Most Liveable City' survey things for a reason. Apart from the winter weather, this place is just the cruisiest joint to live in. You get all the good things about city life, without the noise, and smell and traffic, and dickheads, and all the other bullshit. So now I'm going to have to rent some ridiculously expensive apartment in a 'lifestyle' complex, with pool and gym and 'great outdoor relaxation spaces', and fight the traffic, and pay the tolls just to use the only-slightly-faster- motorways to get to work and back.

I'll be 57 this October and should be starting to ease back and contemplate short weeks and long golf games, but no; here we effing go again.


  • Get ripped, buy a surfboard and a tshirt that reads "If it swells, ride it", spending your weekends on Bondi where you impress 20 something year olds with stories about "How you caught that big one in 1991". Surely you can make Sydney work in your favour.
    The main question is, will the new job entail trips to that fairest of all European cities, Almere?
  • Mate, I've been to Almere. Was (maybe is) HQ for Leaseplan. How on earth can anyone live there? Drab, uninspired grey office and apartment blocks rising out of the reclaimed, treeless Zuider Zee, and all wrapped in mist and grey sky. Makes me shudder when i think of it. I'll meet you in Amsterdam, where teenage Dutch Schoolkids talk loudly in American accents to piss off the tourists anyday. At least there is a decent Maritime Museum.

    All that waits for 'the financial settlement' to be finalised with my Belgian ex-child bride, and settling into Gotham. For the moment, short breaks on Pacific Islands cruises will do. Jeepers they are good value. Just booked one in October for me and my eldest daughter. Eight days visiting Noumea, and the Isle of Pines, and Mare, all for $2,700 all inclusive. Well, not inclusive of booze, but inclusive enough.

    Oh, and about the 'ripped' part? You may be surprised when next you see me in real life. Down to the weight i was when I was 20, and doing weights daily these days, as well as Squash once a week. Big change from 2 years ago.
  • Haha luckily I don't live anywhere near Almere but I remembered it had left a lasting impression with you. Pacific Island cruise sounds amazing!
  • You did stay in Almere for a little didn't you RJ? Or at least some place near, I seem to recall that. I remember you were in our fine little country that time Robert Doornbos drove his F1 car over the afsluitdijk.
  • nonono, that's not even close to Almere, you've got the wrong Afsluitdijk :)
  • Well, I remember you saying "I could have went there". Which would have made sense, it's only like 100km from Almere.

    Was it Houtribdam then? I'm a bit lost.They are godforsaken places either way ;-).
  • Congratulations/commiserations, Lease. Your love for Canberra shines through. Get a boat down at Rushcutters and cheer yourself up by beating viges minor in the sunset series ...
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