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Need a favour......

Can somebody head to Silverstone this weekend, or indeed, duck over to Paris, find Jean Todt and fucking nut him will ya. Fucking sick and tired of this little prick running around being so very French. He's supposed to be the boss of the FIA, for Christ's sake. Start doing something or fuck off and let somebody else get on with it. He's killing this sport, along with some teams, and all he wants to seem to do is waltz around sprouting off idiotic cliché's about headaches and cancer. Come 'ere ya little prick and I'll give you a fucking headache.

Going back to my corner now.


  • I don't know about you (well, I do) but we love the French.
  • Pass the escargots...
  • Well kick Lewis then will you. Tell him if he doesn't win, he doesn't need to drag his bottom lip in the dirt. Start behaving like an adult and not like a 12 year old girl who just lost her Taylor Swift t-shirt.

    Screw it, kick Todt anyway.
  • I think someone needs a hug...
  • Thanks Roo.
  • Yuck!

    Oz is a doggie, doesn't mean he does it like..................never mind.

    Here is something. Journalists, like politicians need to consider everything they say as being out of context. I'm gonna keep this one:

    "I don't know about you (well, I do) but we love the French."

    That is going to come in so handy one day.
  • New you'd understand Lease, cheers.

    That's gonna bite you on the arse one day Viges old boy.
  • One can hope.
  • One RARELY does anything else.

    So I am making an announcement tucked away in this thread. Yes, I'm off to Sydney, and taking my bloody time about it too. That's not news. As this is a transition, I wont be fully moved until September/October. Now this is being a particularly cold winter here in Canberra and elsewhere. Hell, they had snow in Queensland last week! Looking forward to Spring is an understatement when we have woken to temps of -7 a number of times this year. Combine that with moving to holiday city and my 55th birthday more than a year past, and I have done something oh so stereotypical for one in my position.

    You're guessing huh? Everyday, I get into this joke of a car called a Renault Koleos and reflect on how in hell I ended up with it. Not my choice to buy it, I wanted the Holden Calais at the time. The fact is though that for as long as I can remember, when it came time every four years or so to buy a new car, the practicalities got ticked off and the list shortened. Then there was the 'never exceed' price of $40K because it's a car for Christ's sake. A tool.

    Now I'm single. Now I'm moving to Sydney. Now I'm working harder than I ever have, but the remunerative compensation is commensurate, so the time has come. You've guessed already, haven't you? Come September, I will take delivery of...................................

    oh? you can't paste pictures?

    Well, that's a letdown. So it's an Audi A3 Cabriolet. Metalic Black with Beige Leather interior, and titanium 10 spoke 18 inch alloys. No, i didn't go for the Quatro with the big engine, nor the S3. One has to add $10K for the other so-called 'options' like nav and the rest of it, so there are limits to my craziness breaking the price barrier. One fun expensive option was the tow bar. Effing $2,600! Still need to tow the Hobiecat though see?

  • So you're 56 and bought yourself a convertible? Tell me life isn't that predictable... I'm scared of the future now
  • So you're in the right place for both your car, AND Mardi Gras!!!!!!!!!!

    The Calais is brilliant. Have the Calais V, v for very nice. I was expecting a Land Rover Defender 110 or some such. An A3 Cabrio with BEIEGE leather!!!! WTF??????
  • Oz, the Calais V was definitely in the frame. There isn't a better value luxury vehicle available. It's problem in this case is that it was the sensible choice.

    I've been making sensible vehicle purchasing decisions for as long as I can remember. The last time I recall buying a car for fun was my tarted-up Escort Panel Van in 1979 (ah, the time of panel vans.....how on earth we were allowed to date girls in a car with a built-in bedroom?).

    Be very scared Robert. That which you deride today, becomes different when the fog of youthful arrogance evaporates in the harsh sunlight of mortality. It kind of goes one of two ways: either you give up and make the best of what you have and imagine that retirement will be an endless caravan holiday, or you reinvent and see what happens next.
  • if I lived in Australia I'd get a Ute... how cool are those?
  • Oh dear...........You would then have to wear an Akubra, deliberately limit yourself to a 500-word vocabulary, spend all your savings on enormous sideband aerials for said 'Ute', try not to look stupid with huge kenworth mudflaps dragging behind the car, call everyone maaaaaaate, and meet your soon to be wife (aka first cousin Cheryl), at the Batchellors & Spinsters Ball at the Dusty NowhereTown Memorial Hall.

    All the normal young people will be parking their Hyundai I30s at the wine auctions whilst they pick up bargains on the 1984 Hunter Valley Shiraz.
  • sounds awesome, can I grow a mullet too?
  • Utes aren't what they used to be. Well get ya a tradies ute, can use it on the weekends to go bush. The shiela's love 'em. Lease is the brains of the outfit. I didn't even know there was 500 words, and most times I still prefer to use the word, F%&K. No such thing as bad language, just bad use of a good language.

    500 words, Jeez mate, no wonder you moved to Sydney. Oh, and forget the Akubra, they're like R.M. Williams. Only rubber-neckers(mainly the Septic Tanks) and graziers wear 'em. Pommy rubber-neckers don't need 'em, cause with their pasty white skin, they tend to stay inside.
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