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Brit GP

Well, doesn't a little rain throw the cat amongst the pigeons. Rob Smedley might not like to admit it but, Williams screwed up. Bottas should have been allowed to get through on Massa. One could argue that the rain makes it a moot point but, at that time nobody was talking rain. At that stage of proceedings, they threw away as certain podium, maybe two, and the very real possibility of a race win.

Have to admit, well driven Lewis. Ouch, that hurt.


  • it's not about him being a bad driver, he's just soooo boring...
  • edited July 2015
    I don't think he's boring. Well, he might be compared to Juan Pablo Montoya or Eddie Irvine, but I can't really blame him for that. He does have personality, even though it might be a glamboy one.

    It's just the fact that he's seconds faster than anyone else that makes the races he wins really boring.
  • Sorry RJ, you threw me for a sec. I hadn't mentioned Lewis and was trying to figure out why you thought Bottas was boring. Have to admit, I'm not a great fan of Hamilton, having said that Rosberg doesn't bounce of the walls at me either. Enjoy watching Alonso, but Bottas would be the top of tree for mine. Would love to see him stay at Williams next year, but they may have shot themselves in the foot with their too conservative strategy. In trying to keep Massa happy, they surely lost a GP. Would love to see Bottas wheel to wheel with Hamilton, because I reckon Bottas would win that contest. Maybe it's the Finnish blood/nerves, but he reminds me so much of Hakkinen.
  • Didn't see it. Thanks again channel 10.

    I'm basically out of touch with this entire season. no idea what is going on. I can't even sign up to get the cable F1 rubbish because i have to move house in September. What a write-off
  • You can still sign up, just move it with you when you go. We've moved ours a few times now.
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