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Justin Wilson hurt in Crash

Our good friend Justin Wilson has been hurt quite badly in a freak accident during the Indycar event at Pocono. He's currently in a coma.

You can barely see what happened but it appears that a piece of debris from an otherwise innocuous crash some 300 metres ahead of him bounced onto his helmet.

Here's hoping he will recover soon! Forza Justin!!


  • Unfortunately it looks like he is in critical conditions and medical reports are not reassuring at all! Forza Justin!
  • I had not watched an IndyCar race in a while, but last night I decided to tune in and I saw it as it happened. The odd thing is that at first it was hardly noticable that anything happened to Justin at all. All the attention went to the race leader who caused the crash. Very understandable of course. Completely unexpected that Justin was the one who got hurt so badly.
  • Fingers crossed for Justin Wilson. A top bloke. Hope he pulls through and makes a full, speedy, recovery.
  • Unfortunately it appears Justin has died. This is a very sad day. May he rest in peace.

  • Terrible day for Minardi fans. Unfortunately flying debris and wheels are now the most threatening risk for drivers 9and marshals and spectators). Still, it is hard to believe how much bad luck it takes to die such way.
    May Justin rest in peace and his wife and two little girls have the strenght heal as soon as possible.
    What a real gentleman he was!
  • Terrible news. RIP Justin.
  • Man. After following him for so many years, having the opportunity to invest in the start of his F1 career - it really doesn't seem fair that someone three years younger than myself can have their life pulled away so quickly and violently. Make the most of life folks. RIP Justin. An incredibly sad day.
  • In agreement with Justin's desires, his organs were donated by the family to 6 different patients. At least part of him will remain alive, and he helped other persons to try to survive.
  • I read it too. That is the most amazing story!
  • RIP The Flying Giraffe. Very glad to have had you with us, if even for a short while.
  • I just watched a 2015 documentary about Gonzalo Rodriguez, who died in a CART crash in 1999. Just a year earlier he was Justin's team mate in F3000 and thus he was interviewed. Who could have guessed that they were going to share such an unfortunate fate.

    For those interested, the documentary is called Gonchi or Gonchi la película.
  • Terribly sad. He was a seriously good racer (remember all those first lap overtakes in 2013?) and, genuinely, one of the good guys.
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