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Andrea Rocchetto

I've just red the latest news about Minardi's radical new car on Pitpass. They contacted the team and got some fresh news go check the stuff http://www.pitpass.com/fes_php/pitpass_news_item.php?fes_art_id=23448

The most interesting of all is that there is a (new?) senior aerodynamiciist I've never heard about before: Andrea Rocchetto. I've been looking for info on him on the web, and only find an italian link which Mozilla couldn't open of Benetton grabbing him from TOIT on 2000. It looks like he got promoted in Minardi. I searched in Engineering F1 but nothing, just mailed the guys hoping to get some feedback soon.
BTW any of you now something about this fella? Quig, RJ, Salvo...

The only other thing I got is some pics of the Lola windtunnel, but can post them here, so look at them directly http://www.lola-group.com/site/index.cfm?directory=motorsport this is where the new car was researched. Can somebody explain why they didn't used Fondmetal's facilities :spank: (Petrol any ideas?)


  • The Fondmetal deal is not of that kind. I can't say too much, though.
  • Rocchetta is mineral water, that's all I can say at the moment
  • http://www.onera.fr/SEARCH/BASIS/public/web_en/document/SDW?M=6652&R=Y

    Navier-stokes calculations of helicopter fuselage flowfiel and loads. ONERA TP 1998-58

    Same bloke ????

    If hes worked on helicopter fuselages maybe the PS05 will really fly;):D
  • Too bad we don't now anything on the team's senior aerodynamicist :spank: :(

    Today grandprix.com talks about Da Matta's manager, a former electronics engineer in Minardi, brazilian and living in Miami. It's sad to realize my ignorance regarding the most valuable asset of the team: its staff. Shame.
  • Just find a nice Minardi page searching for staff. It has a complete list of management and some nice statistics and pics
  • Not quite up to date but the past data is great! Thanks Yoko.
  • I think it's an "interactive" page.

    On the bottom is an e-mail adress with the following text:
    EMail your comments, suggestions and updates to:

  • I would like to know WHEN Andrea Rocchetto joined the team. Hopefully he was already there (if he is any good), when the car was designed.

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  • I just got this respones from the webmaster fo engineering f1


    Les seules informations que je possède sont que Andrea Rocchetto avait travaillé
    auparavant pour Ferrari puis Benetton.


    Le Webmaster

    So nothing more than what I find. Former TOIT and Benetton chap, Quig can you find something else with your contacts?
  • Will see what I can do.
  • Anything ANYTHING is better than 'The Brick'..............
  • Anything ANYTHING is better than 'The Brick'..............
    Go tell Frank Williams !!!:P
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