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Minardi Day at Imola ?!

I don't know if you all are following the news on minardi.it but there is quiet an intersting article.

To make things short: GCM and Pierluigi Martini are working on a Minardi day at Imola, including ALL the Minardi people/staff.
If it's not going to be too expensive, I'm definitly thinking about to drive there.

What about you? Imola is not this far from germany.
I would also like to use this thread for any news concerning the Minardi day.


  • Minardi Day <3 ^^
  • that would be amazing! let's definitely keep an eye on this
  • What a sensational day that would be.
  • The last update was that it might take place at the end of june. Nothing confirmed yet but there will be more details in the next months. "The period should be at the end of June, but we will know something more only next months. Our aim is to bring back at Imola all the single-seaters built by Gian Carlo, with other F1 cars. Our intention is to recreate the old amazing and memorable atmosphere." (source: [url] http://www.minardi.it/international/news/minardi-it-meets-pierluigi-martini/[/url]
  • sorry. The link doesn't work (I'm used to put in in BB-Code). Try this one :http://www.minardi.it/international/news/minardi-it-meets-pierluigi-martini/
  • Would be nice: hope they can do a few more laps than the M186 in Austria last summer.
  • Seriously guys we need to keep an eye on that one. I for one would love to kit up like it's 2002 and head for a sunny Italian track :)
  • GREAT NEWS - the "Minardi historic day" was OFFICIAL ANNOUCENT on minardi.it. It will take place on 25th of June this summer (it's a saturday). Except for the date and the fact that there will be a lot of Minardi and other F3 and F2 cars there are no further details yet.


    I 'm wondering if Minardi F1X2, Paul Stoddart or the PS05 will show up. I'am gonna be there anyway.
    Does anybody know if it is possible to visit the Faenza Factory of ToroRosso (maybe even as a forzaminardi-group)?
  • that is really great news, I may have to cover a Euro match in Lens but will see whether I can wriggle out :) Who else would be keen?
  • If anyone going from the UK please give me a shout....
  • Certainly going to try and make it if I can, waiting to hear back about the provisional program.
  • Anyone got any details for Paul Stoddart....any chance he can lay on a private plane to take us UKers to Bologna....being looking into this but its just too expensive to go :(
  • As I wrote above, I will be there. I recently booked a room from 24th till 26th June in the Rivazza Hotel which is located within the track.
    @ Bish: from the UK it's really a long journey, even compared to germany (about 1000 km). Getting Paul to do this seems not impossible, perhaps one should try to contact him via facebook?! Else the UKers could try to form a little group and rent a bus. I'm just trying to give you a few ideas.
  • its only 1500 km's lads, drive it. I did 1100km's at work the other day and left never the state of Victoria!!! Get a group and share the driving. Can't be that hard, surely.
  • from the UK Ryanair fly into Forli for a pittance which is very close. It seems I'm off the hook that weekend for the footie, will probably go as well
  • Unfortunately no one flys to Forli anymore! Working on it and still hopeful of getting there.
  • Fly to Bologna. If I were in Europe I would deffo come over!
  • I finally have some REAL news!

    You can find further details here: www.minardiday.it (if you click on "PROGRAMMA" you will receive the schedule in italian and english).

    Tickets are avaible and cheap (€ 10) here: http://vivaticket.it/index.php?nvpg[sell]&cmd=tabellaPrezzi&pcode=5178171&tcode=tl016529&change_language=1

    => As I wrote I will be there. I will travel to Bologna Centrale by train and than jump into a car which I rented on europcar. I'm gonna wear one of my Minardi poloshirts with the 2005/2006 colours.
  • Lots of photos please.
  • As I just read on minardi.it there will be ALL Minardi F1 cars from M185 till PS05 and even all STR (except the current one). Martinis M189 and Vettels STR3 (the victorious one from Monza) also been confirmed. Only downside is I hardly speak italian, hopefully english and latin language will help me out.

    I will take as much pictures as I can. Plannig at least four different cameras. Best will pe postet here and on my website.
  • The 2-seater made an appearance at Zandvoort today, during a Jumbo supermarkets sponsored event. Seeing as the owner of Jumbo is the owner of most classic Minardi F1 cars, it wouldn't surprise me to see them at this event as well.


    It is in a very Minardiesque colour scheme.
  • who drove the two-seater?
  • Isn't that Joss' helmet design?
  • just wondered who went. from the facebook pix it looked really good. got roped in at the euros at last notice so couldn't make it myself. saw everyone from Marques to Barilla was there. Lots of fans too
  • edited July 2016
    as I promised I was there. Here are a few pics from my website (will upload the other ones until sunday)


    It was really a nice event. I only wished that the Minardi F1 cars did a few more laps when I sat on the grandstand. What I did not unterstand is that the Lamborgini GT-Cars never did a full lap -allways returning in the pits. The Rivazza Hotel was really the place to stay, very close to the straight before Rivazza curve. The M186 did quite a few laps compared to 1986 (without engine cover).
  • Very cool.
  • here are a few more:


    I was a little sick during weekend till today so I will need more time for all pictures and movies. As you may notice there was a PS02 nose on the PS04B in the gallery and also a PS01 with the PS05 livery. Next to the PS05 where all the STR cars from STR1 till STR10.

    Fun fact: the hotel was close to the track. We left before the last f1 event because it was really humid and hot. As a true fan I went down the Via del Colli till the chicane when this event had started and right at that moment the PS01 with the 02 livery came straight and did just a few more laps (which I recorded). Mr. Martini even made a little mistake with his orange F3000 later on.
  • Fantastic event, Dontstop!!! When I'm back to Europe I will definitely go if they do it again!
  • beautiful pics, DONTSTOP!!
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