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The cost of running a Formula 1 team

I would really like to know if any of you have any insight into this. What does it cost these days to run a Formula 1 team. I'm not talking about the top tier, I'm talking about the Saubers, the Force Indias, the Manors of this world. Ever since the Stoddart days (who remembers him showing up in Melbourne with some 4 year old cars in 2005?) FIA have made much about bringing costs down but even ignoring inflation it strikes me that all the electrical gadgets have vastly driven up costs. Or am I wrong and is a powertrain in 2016 not much more expensive than in 2005?

The amount of money that Caterham crowdfunded for one race a year ago (£2.4 mln) is someting that would have lasted Minardi half a season.
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