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Oh how exciting. Snooze McHamilton ahead of Bore O'Rosberg in qualifying. But wait a minute. Toro Rosso in 5th with Max Verstappen and Sainz in 7th. That's pretty exciting for everyone in Faenza. Williams also on the money. Looks like it'll be another very long season for Alonso.


  • I was there and must admit Q3 was so confusing. I was watching the big screen and was wandering why Vettel was out of his car with 3 minutes remaining. What a joke...
  • Don't worry, Roo, whoever thought of the new system got a bonus :) Got to say, Haas in 6th is something I didn't quite expect. Nice distraction from the same-same on the podium
  • Yes, and TOIT have closed the gap, just got the strategy wrong.

    Nasty roll for Alonso: there is something about that little straight, isn't there?!

    STR were v strong in testing and this now shapes up as a good scrap between their two young guns.
  • Not convinced and still need to see more evidence that TOIT have closed the gap. Brittney was coasting out front, and for his final stint, Baldy McBling in the other Merc was on the slowest tyres in the field.

    Williams need to get their shit in a sock. Hulkenberg needs to start performing and Haas may overtake all of them.
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