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The radio ban. Good, Bad or Ugly??

For once I'd have to agree with Lewis I think. The FIA, in all it's infinite wisdom, made these cars the most complex, complicated cars in racing history, and then tells the drivers, you're on your own if something goes wrong. I don't think the radio ban made the race any more interesting last weekend. In fact, you could argue that it made the "racing" worse.

Either, reverse the complexity of the cars or, further free up what can and can't be talked about over comms.


  • Having the radio conversations broadcast was very silly and only made for showmanship "Well done Lewis, you were great today" "Oh yes, I thank the team, well done. Yippie"
  • Agree completely with the unwarranted platitudes. But the problem still remains, it would be like taking someone who has only ever used ruler and pencil to design a car and then sit them down in front of a CFD supercomputer and then locking them in that room on their own to get on with it. Or giving me an iphone and telling me to take a selfy photo thing or what ever you call 'em. It just doesn't work.
  • This radio story is ridiculous, and another example of how grotesque FIA is........
  • Sorry to bang on about it, but!!!!!!! Now they can't help drivers out when the brake pedal goes to the floor!!!! Give me a f*&ken break. As Jenson rightly said, when is the brake pedal going to the floor not a safety issue?
  • Well, they've now u-turned on that one. Am fully aware we are sounding like old farts on this one but it is symptomatic of 'the show' - flappy wings, chocolate tyres, etc.
    Remember Hockenheim even pre-Schumi? It was rammed.
    2016, not so much.

    In the UK, for the first time ever, F1 will not be available on free-to-air TV. Bernie said it would never happen ...
  • You're right, it is all about "the show". The question I'd love to ask Toto and a few others is, are they really worried about the show? Because I haven't yet seen anything being pushed by them to improve it. And if he says once more that it's also about road car relevance, I'm going to throw something at the telly. If that's the case, why are they using carbon brakes, and why are they still running around on 13 inch rims???
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