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Malaysia Start

Really quite stunned about the outcome of that Malaysian start incident. I looked at that thing a dozen or more times and just cannot understand how the stewards came to the decision that they did.

Saying that Vettel was hard done by doesn't come easy, but I reckon he was.

Vettel was clear in front at the beginning of the turn. He got the car turned in and it was tracking, not washing out. What hapenned from my view is that Verstappen did a right flick with his steering wheel and tagged Vettel's left rear. That flicked the nose out and it took out Rosberg's right rear.

If you look at Vettel's onboard, it looks as though he is understeering directly into Rosberg, but you also need to watch his hands. He is turning in, and the car is tracking, and then suddenly, he does a wobble with the wheel as he is tagged. The real evidence though is on the outside shot from the stationary camera outside of the corner. Vettel is clearly making the turn. Then Verstappen does a very noticeable flick inward to Vettel's rear. Vettel's front left turns outward and hits Rosberg. Check the attitude of Verstappen's car half a second before Vettel hits Rosberg. It is pointing across the corner.

It's a speedway & go-kart trick to get the car in front heading to the outside of the corner to get your car on the inside of the other one.

What bother's me is that no-one seems to be debating this AT ALL. Makes me feel that I'm going senile.


  • Watched it quite a few times now, I think Vettel would have taken him out even without the little nudge from Verstappen as he was coming at an angle at which it seems to me he could not have made that corner anyway,
    If anything, Rosberg's zig zagging in Hamilton's slip stream was a bit much, forcing him to steer in from quite a distance

    On the positive side: something happened ;-)
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