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The F1 drinking game

from [url=http://blackflag.jalopnik.com/the-formula-one-drinking-game-that-will-probably-kill-y-1788121096] Jalopnik [/url]

Bottoms up!

Take A Drink

Someone is going to “do their best”/“try their hardest”/“focus on a good result”/“gain good experience”/“work hard”/“give it everything I’ve got” with no detail given as to how
“A really strong car”
Car is “quick”/“fast” with no further explanation on why
“Had the pace” or “didn’t have the pace”
Driver slowly and deliberately raises his arm to his head or fiddles with his arm to show off a sponsor’s watch
Team is “focused on next year’s car”
“Evaluating my/our different options”/“Evaluating the future”
“The right step in my career”
“Happy with the balance of the car”
“Come a long way”/“made good progress”
“The team has done a really good job”
Getting “more out of the car”
“We’ve had some good results”
“We’ve struggled a bit”/“it’s been a difficult year”
“Focus on the remaining races of the season”
Take Two Drinks

Any mention of a grid penalty due to a power unit component swap.
Glowing shout-out to location of race and/or the locals.
Direct pandering to own fanbase, e.g. Ferrari team speaking Italian, Haas team glad to be in America.
Haas team asked if they’re going to sign an American driver.
Question not answered in English.
Do A Shot

Honda power unit failure.
Journalist asks an appallingly self-serving/out-of-touch question, e.g. “You’ve taken to blocking journalists on Twitter...” (That’s an actual question from this weekend’s pre-race press conference!)
Daredevil antics from broadcast helicopter.

A Mercedes does not finish the race.
Teammates collide on track. (Fair warning: they may want to join you for this chug after the race.)
Bernie Ecclestone says something offensive on camera
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