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Verstappen Jr

Seems like young Verstappen is really feeling the heat from his older colleagues and is being accused of a reckless driving style. Yesterday's corner cutting, the refusal to follow team orders and handing back the position and the subsequent penalty have added to his gung-ho reputation. But how much of this is envy and how much is him just not giving a hoot. Discuss :)


  • Plenty of him not giving a hoot, not sure about envy but seeing as both he and Seb have now been penalised,how come Lewis got away with missing the first 2 corners at the start??
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    Strictly speaking RJ, the team didn't order him to give the place up, they did, however, advise him that he may have to. Given that neither Lewis nor Nico had to pull over after cutting T2, you can follow Max's logic for not doing it either. As far as Seb goes, well, I seem to recall him screaming longest and loudest about Max moving around in the braking area, so he should maybe think twice about what he did to DR. He absolutely needs an almighty boot in the arse for talking to Charlie Whiting like that.
  • The fact that they had to bring in a rule that effectively meant that they would now apply a rule that was already in place, ought to get into the territory of self-evidence I reckon.

    Over time there has been some talk from older drivers of younger drivers taking greater risks because of lesser consequences, themselves brought about by improvements in safety, runoff, etc. I see all this as being further evidence that young drivers treat F1 like Playstation. That they themselves are comfortably removed from any danger associated with injury from accident to such a degree that they can carry out very perillous maneuvers and not see Giles' tortured body sliding into the catch fencing.

    There ought not even to be any discussion on this. Diving into the line of another car and jumping on the brakes is the way to kill someone. It is not defending.
  • thought he did rather well yesterday. Vettel may disagree with me ;)
  • Yes, he was rather good - at the scene of the 2003 crime when Jos coulda/shoulda/woulda won.
    Shame about the pitstop - Lewis needs all the help he can get although I am aware there are many here who don't share my sympathies.
    Well done to Nico if he wins it but Lewis has had so much bad luck with equipment.
  • I totally agree...I don't share your sympathies. His tactics simply confirms my disdain for him. Well done Nico. Winning with class!!!
  • Lewis taking a leaf from the Schumaker book. Cracked me up. Made Rosberg look more dignified than he is. Verstappen says he would do the same thing. Oh where is the honour!!!???

    We need to hope that the new, updated, fix em up, special, new F1, new age rules for 2017 produce a more interesting championship. It would be really something if it resulted in the fearless youths spending some time off track, and the 'drivers' coming to the fore. Not believing it will, but hoping.
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