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Minardi Day 2017 confirmed!

As you may have noticed there were already posts on facebook concerning a possible Minardi Day in 2017.
This has now been confirmed:

It will now take two days (6th and 7th May) instead of just one. Sounds like there will be more "innovations".
Here are my suggestions:
(1) More signs or information for non-Minardists. I knew all the Faenza-cars but just a few of the others.
(2) OK, it's Italia but please do at least some english translations on the signs.
(3) A showrace like the promo of the austrian gp 2014 would be awesome to see cars "race" eachother.
(4) Get even more drivers. What about Albers or Verstappen?
(5) What about the "other" Minardi-related cars. Like the F1X2, Panoz DP01 or 2006 Lola car.

Since it will take place in May I hope it will not be as hot and humid as in late June. It was okay but as a german I'm really not used to that :-).
What do you think? Who will/wants to go there?

I keep an eye on this one.


  • I'll try to make it this year :)
  • Well, I can confirm that I will be back in Imola as well.
    Probably I will be there on sunday only since I will exploree italian seights a little more that week.

    Hoping to get more informations about the schedule soon.
  • In the meanwhile tickets for both days (one day separate or two together) are avaiable right here: [url]https://www.ticketone.it/biglietti.html?affiliate=ITT&xtnp=1&erid=1867869&xtmc=minardi&action=tickets&doc=artistPages/tickets&fun=artist&xtcr=1/&includeOnlybookable=false&language=en[/url]

    I will buy my tickets during the upcoming week. Price is slighty higher (€ 13,50) compared with 2016 because of a presale fee.
    What about the others?!
  • There is a post today on the Riccardo Patrese Twitter page with a link to a lot more information about the weekend. Lots of drivers due to attend including Patrese.

  • Here is the section about drivers due to attend the event and the google translation
    Piloti e tecnici nel paddock
    Gli appassionati avranno la possibilità di incontrare i piloti che hanno scritto pagine importante storia del motorsport e della scuderia faentina come Miguel Angel Guerra, Pierluigi Martini e Paolo Barilla vincitori anche della 24 Ore di Le Mans, Alessandro Nannini, Adrian Campos, Luis Perez Sala, Roberto Moreno, Luca Badoer, Tarso Marques, Jarno Trulli, Gaston Mazzacane, insieme al vincitore di cinque Le Mans Emanuele Pirro, al vice-campione del Mondo di F1 del 1992 con la Williams Riccardo Patrese, Andrea Montermini e agli ingegneri Gabriele Tredozi – direttore tecnico del Team Minardi dal 2001 al 2005, ma nell’organigramma già dal 1988, Aldo Costa e Simone Resta entrambi partiti da Faenza per arrivare rispettivamente a Brackley a capo della Mercedes F1 campione del mondo con Hamilton e Rosberg e a Maranello in qualità di capo progettista della Scuderia Ferrari.

    Pilots and technicians in the paddock
    Fans will have the chance to meet the pilots who have written important motorsport history pages and the Faenza squad as Miguel Angel Guerra, Pierluigi Martini and Paolo Barilla winners also the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Alessandro Nannini, Adrian Campos, Luis Perez Sala, Roberto Moreno, Luca Badoer, Tarso Marques, Jarno Trulli, Gaston Mazzacane, along with the winner of five Le Mans Emanuele Pirro, to the vice-champion of the 1992 F1 World with Williams Riccardo Patrese, Andrea Montermini and the Gabriele Tredozi engineers - director technical Team Minardi from 2001 to 2005, but in the organization since 1988, Aldo Costa and Simone Resta both parties from Faenza to arrive respectively in Brackley head of Mercedes F1 world champion with Hamilton and Rosberg and in Maranello as head designer Scuderia Ferrari
  • hmmm may still go, sounds like a good line up :)
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    Here's my review:

    Except for the weather I almost liked everything. It was raining on both days (not the whole, but a lot of the time) but sunday was less so to go only on the second day looks like it was the right choice. Because of weather conditions there were only about 5000 visitors all together. There were quite a few changes, alot more like "Minardi at Zandvoort" a few years ago which doesn't mean it was worse but different. Missing was the Minardi-Gala with all Faenza-Cars, therefore there were a lot more F1 and other Formula cars so I think the free space just would not have been enough to keep all of them dry. You could visit 5 more Minardis in the "Checco Costa" Museum, which we did, entry was € 4. There were: a M185, a M189, a M194 and an original PS01 together with original Helmets of Alonso and Pierluigi Martini as well as a 2002 Ferrari F1 from Michael Schumacher.

    Back to the event itself. Since there were fewer people, you could easily or literraly walk in to almost any part of the garage and get really close to the cars and drivers. You could also hang on the pitlane wall during the runs of the different car categories and shoot videos or photos from there. It was possible in 2016 too but more difficult because of the safety personal. They were less strict this year which for such a event seems to fit a bit better.

    Mr. Minardi himself drove a rebuilt M192 around the track in first gear (you'll find that on youtube) :-). I like the M192 very much so I was really excited when just that particular car drove past me. There was a second M191 or M192 which seems to be rebuilt very soon. The other participating Minardis where almost the same like last year, except the PS01B had it's original livery and not the "GOKL"-Version. The M02 did a lot more laps with Gaston Mazzacane and Martinis M189 broke down and was pulled back to the garage. New cars were for example an Arrows, a Scuderia Italia or a Walter-Wolf-Racing. Not to forget the historic cars from the "Minardi Classic tour" who also had a garage.

    A nice change was the grow of the Merchandise Area where you could also buy not Minardi-related stuff, for example spare parts or things for MINICHAMPS. I have to say I liked the Logo of this year's edition but the avaiable t-shirts and items could have been better compared with last year. There were also a lot more Minardi drivers then in 2016 but in civil sometimes hard to tell if you haven't seen them for years.

    Welldone, Mr. Minardi. I guess the optimum would be somewhere between both editions. Of course, that's said easier than done. Get everything and everyone together for two days is never a simple task.

    Some of my pictures can be found here (more to follow):
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    Here's a nice video from it, recorded using my nokia lumia:
  • Great video, you were really up close!
  • What I just noticed: there were three different M189 at Imola. Two taking part on the event (as you can see on the video) and another one in the "Checco Costa" museum. So the one M189 on ebay obviously has been sold, there were just two of them back in 2016 (Martinis and the museum's one). The one Emanuele Pirro drove was new.
  • Great video, thanks so much + some really good flypasts out of Tamburello here from 2'40 onwards

  • those aren't parade laps, they're really going for it. amazing
  • Wow! really great videos thanks for sharing :)
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