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World Champion Nico Rosberg has announced his retirement after being crowned World Champion. Do you think that is a good idea? Surely Alonso could have done without the last few years of his career. Then again, it must pay the bills quite handsomely.

Keke also only took one title, maybe he didn't want to one up the old man (not that they strike me as being that close, though I could be wrong)

What is the "marginal utility" of being world champion twice? It makes you wonder


  • One of the two: either Nico was totally worn out emotionally by this season (that must have been totally crazy for him, specially the last three months), in which case we may probably see him back in 2019. Or he realizes that lewis is far stronger and prefers to retire as winner rather that destroy these moments by losing other tho titles, badly, to Lewis.....
    Imagine the mess that will be going on now about taking his Mercedes seat.....
  • I think both your theories are correct, manlio. Let's face it, he only won because of the amount of technical failures on the other car.
    In a way I salute him but its not terribly classy not defending a title, in any sport. He shall not be greatly missed.
  • Hear him! We got words for it; Piker, Gutto, Pussy. After hearing that I think Webber had it nailed......Britney. I always figured that Rosberg would be a Prost sort of character. Well skilled, but never supreme. Winning the odd championship by eking out the margins and playing for points. Happy to lay up, rather than go for the hole sort of thing.

    Anyway, he's gone now and as Viges said, few will lament his absence from the grid. What do Mercedes do, I wonder? Would they actually take the risk of inserting one their kids now, or take a place-keeper such as Massa or Bottas for a year? According to reports, the top 4 are not in play, but this is a funny game; innit?
  • Paging Mr Button .. or Wherlein. Would be nice to give him a go.

    re: Nico - he's a bit of a 'Ralf', isn't he? V good when out in front but that's about it.
  • Lease, let me disagree with you on Prost. Prost WAS a supreme, a real supreme. Don't forget he drove Senna crazy in 1989 and 1990.....
  • Disagree? Avec moi!!!!???

    Yeah, yeah, Prost was highly skilled and as capable as the rest of them. The nuance that I'm trying to jam into the equation is exactly your comparison. People don't remember Senna just for his car skills - Prost was probably close to his equal in that area - they remember the amazing moments that created his legend. Senna was all or nothing. Prost was - in golfing terms - the guy who laid up short of the hazard to take the extra shot, but not risk two or three in the water. They called him the Professor because his mind was always on the prize and calculating how to obtain it. To me, Nico is the same. When (if) people look back on this era, they are going to remember Hamilton as having a fantastic talent, matched to a powerful will to win; they'll remember Alonso as the guy who could do almost anything with any car, and depending how things go, maybe Max as an echo of Senna (depending on how he pans out). They will not remember Rosberg as anything other than as a statistic; a place-holder between champions of memory.
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