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Minardi parts

Stumbled across this

They appear to have Webber's engine cover. While I'd be more inclined to get a nosecone, front wing, I wonder what one would do with a full engine cover. Where would you put it?


  • Good grief. There are people who live off this? How on earth do they determine pricing?

    Maybe its a chick magnet or something. "Hey babe., wanna come see my 2005 Williams front wing end plate?" "I've got some great brake ducts. I'll show you my ducts if you'll show me yours".

    The engine cover IS problematic as a piece, isn't it? Can't use it as a coffee table base. Maybe you could get tricky with the front bit and get a purpose built beanbag to convert it into a chair, or something?
  • I could wrap it around my IKEA Poang chair, or just suspend it from my ceiling
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