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Another one bites the dust

It looks as if Manor are out
212 staff members. Strikes me as quite a few for such a small outfit



  • Yep a very sad state of affairs if they don't manage to find some new investment. A shame Stephen Fitzpatrick never really had the money to fund the team longterm, lots of reports of interested parties, negotiations etc. but no one coming up with the cash.
  • And the importance of tenth place ...
  • Are they gone yet? Did i see there was an extension or something?

    Massa proves the old addage that you have to be in the right place at the right time. Seems he is going to get 6 million British Pesos for driving in 2017. Not bad when you think about it. Williams in a position to call back a driver whose performance they know, and the payoff for letting Bottas go allows them to bulk up the piggy bank and pay Massa a goodly sum for simply not retiring yet. He will a happy boy. No pressure. Just drive the car. Serendipity they calls it.
  • Manor gone, unfortunately. Due to that 9th place by Nasr in Abu Dhabi......
    Massa's comeback pretty ridiculous, yes, specially after that melodramatic charade in Interlagos.........
    And yes, in life you have to be in the right place at the right time.....as proved also by Bottas (and Damon Hill, Button, Keke Rosberg.....)
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