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2017 cars

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love the rear wheels but can't work out how to post pictures!

STR blue and silver looks a bit like Minardi in the late 90s.


  • The Sauber livery has to be my favourite so far. A bit like the B side of that two-sided BAR back in the day.

    The new McLaren looks like an Arrows. Probably same grid position too ;-)
  • how do we post pix, RJ?
  • Hadn't noticed yet how most cars look like 1995 Mclarens ;)
  • They look alright, most of em. Agree that the STR livery loooks cool. I think the new airbox shape makes the cars look more squat and aggressive, though the shark fin just has to go. Awful.

    For some reason they look more like grand prix cars and less like scalextric cars. so that's a good thing.
  • Is it just me or are Ferrari and Williams the only ones with any major sponsors (apart from Red Bull of course, but they're the owners)
  • Thank-you, Roo. So clever.
    Newey says the fins are down to that loophole re-opening.
    Agree on Arrows.

    Sauber are going to miss Manor this year, they were miles off the pace at Barca day one.
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    You are most welcome.
    I do hope the fins are gone by Melbourne, and the winglets. Too many cars look too similar. I was hoping to see something different, and all we got was same same.

    Ah well, let's hope the racing is special. C'mon Melbourne...

    However, Hamilton's comment about it being more difficult to overtake means nothing has changed.
  • 1995 MP4/10
  • Larger tyres look cool and Clewlis says they are much fastrer and much more physical than the 2014-16 cars. Am very very curious like every time rules change, even thiugh I see little hpe Mercedes's superiority to be seriously challenged, at least this year. Macca look like 1999 arrows but apparently they are coming up very quickly.
    And yes, the 1995 McLaren shark profile is really ugly. Mercedes looks the best, in that respect.
    Can't wait for Melbourne!!!! :-)
  • McLaren sooking bad again, Honda not managing to resolve any problem. Poor Fernando........
  • Testing's a funny thing, innit? All you can really say are that 4 teams appear to be better than 6 teams. Melbourne will be interesting, though I kind of think that not much has changed from last year, other than RB and TOIT swapping places....
  • The new Force India is pink

  • There is an old saying in engineering that if it looks right, it will be right. F1 people changed that to 'if it looks fast, it will be fast' That thing looks neither right, nor fast.
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