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Keep Max away from his dad, grandpa Verstappen pleads

Newspapers in NL have a story of Frans Verstappen (father of Jos, granddad of Max) paying a secret visit to Helmut Marko urging the Austrian to keep his grandson away from his son.

"The only thing I wanted to achieve is for Red Bull to intervene and protect Max from all the trouble his dad is constantly causing, such as getting into brawls," Dutch daily Telegraaf cites Frans as saying.

Goes on to say that Jos manhandled his own dad after the Hungarian GP but that he withdrew a police complaint.

Source: http://www.telegraaf.nl/reportage/27946754/__Bezoek__voor_Max___.html


  • Ya think maybe Jos has a little, eeny weeny, tiny issue with constructive feedback? Don't blame him really. He was never really in the right place at the right time. "I coulda bin a contenda!" Expressing a life of regret vicariously through your child. Now that's parenting!
  • He had an amazing race in China, though
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