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Bahrain GP

Another good race: v tight between Merc & TOIT. New regs are throwing up better racing as the drivers know they cannot rely on flappy wing overtakes. Opening laps/safety car restarts are crucial to position. It shows Lewis and Seb are true champions who relish a proper fight.

+ Alonso to Indy - great idea but he is missing the one race where he could score points, Monaco. Doubt he will be with Macca at the end of the season. Honda is miles off.


  • Missed it. I spent the Easter break in remote Western Australia with no comms swimming with whale sharks. Good that Vettel is challenging the Mercs, but we still need Williams & Red Bull to get closer to make it more interesting.
    Maclaren has become a basket case. Hugely embarrassing for Honda. This Indy thing seems to have no other purpose than to distract Alonso from leaving. My view is that it will backfire. Oval racing is so different from flat track, that he doesn't stand a chance in a one-off.

    I wonder that if we had Alonso go to Merc and Ricciardo to TOIT, then we wouldn't have needed any other cars doing well. Those four could provide all the entertainment you would need.
  • Imagine next year Red Bull, merc and TOIT at similar level, with Lewis and a Sochi level Bottas in Merc, Vettel and Ricciardo (this is the rumour although I can't see Seb accepting it!) at TOIT and Alonso and Max at Red Bull!!!!
  • You really think Alonso will add another year?
  • I do. He has spent a very long time in the wilderness. If he can secure a top drive, he will take it for sure. He wants one more to retire on is my view. The problem is that is has to be Merc, TOIT, or Red Bull. That would be the only options he would consider. We assume that TOIT is out, though if Vettel moves to Merc, then the prospect of Alonso & Ricciardo would be appealing to them, one would think. I've held the view for some time now that TOIT would love to have an Italian name on their car, and Ricciardo's talent fits well. That, plus the fact that they only ever go with experience.

    The thing is that Red Bull are never going to let go of Ricciardo unless they get someone of equal or better value. Alonso would work, but they are not used to paying huge driver salaries, and the sparks between Alonso and Max are a disaster waiting to happen.
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