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Dull race but good for Bottas.

The story has to be Alonso: all the body language of someone who has already quit. Why would he want to turn up to his home race just to tool around at the back like a, er, Minardi? Its 17 years since I first saw him there in F3000 and then with Minardi. Amazing driver but, with hindsight, his decision to leave TOIT was appalling. With hindsight, of course, we are all experts. It seems a sad end to his F1 career but never forget the two titles.


  • Bottas really needed that win but hats off to him for so quickly adapting to the new team. I cannot understand how McLaren again got it so wrong. Williams had some "time off" over the years but I can't recall them being as hopeless as McLaren are now. You are right they seem like "Minardi", only difference being that they have 40 times Minardi's budget and a works deal by a major manufacturer.
  • Missed it. From all that I have read, didn't miss it at all. Good on Bottas getting his first win. I will qualify that, because all that I have read suggests that Hamilton was not actually present at the race.
  • Correct, Lease. Lewis was almost never shown by TV, like the best Fisichella in the good old Renault days in 2005-06
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