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Stoddarts F1X2 is "back" on more than just the Australian GP

As we know, Mr Stoddarts still dose some action with his F1X2 every year when the Australian GP comes closer.

After Liberty Media bought F1 they decided to make sort of an 11th team and bring the F1X2 experience to more formula one races. It seems he still got some money and just recently bought a lot of the Manor equipment including Motor homes. Drivers according to the picturs and source are "our" Patrick Friesacher and Zsolt Baumgartner. They wanted to start in Austin but after Chinese GP they decided to go all in and start from Barcelona, next Race with F1X2 will be probably Austin.


Nice to see 'em back in Europe and still running. Will they join the 2018 Minardi Day?.


  • Yes, good to see him back in the paddock, his natural habitat. You can tell from the quotes how much he is relishing it + the engines are V10s!

    This comment in the thread below the article made me smile 'I really miss Paul Stoddart and Minardi, despite how difficult it was to compete, they always entertained.'
  • I like the bit about where Stoddart bought the Manor stuff at auction. He is the bargain hunter's bargain hunter. He probably still harbours some ambitions and just keeps loosely in the game to see if the cards fall his way. I wonder if he has quit smoking yet?
  • Well, as you probably saw during the broadcast of the Silverstone GP, the twoseaters were there as well.
    Since they were originally based in England, that was almost like a return to their home.

    On a german site I read that they would be at every single GP in 2018. With the help of Mike Gascoyne the cars will get an aero-upgrade to make them look more like the current ones (https://www.motorsport.com/f1/news/gascoyne-returns-two-seater-car-930463/).

    I'm not shure wether they will have HALO next year, too. I guess the risk during their sessions is lower than in a race with 20 cars.

    If think they will offer their rides like they did in the past because else (if just a few lucky guys where to sit in it) that wouldn't work out. The staff needs to be paid.

    This also reminds me very much of what they did with the twoseaters in CCWS back in 2007.
  • They're here at Spa too. A very different level of sound to the normal cars :)
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