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Fangio, Prost, Schumacher, Vettel, Hamilton

That's one hell of a club and I think Lewis has the look of a man who would at least like to equal Schumi's tally.

Poignant moment in Mexico when Lewis passed Fred near the end: it was just over ten years ago in Valencia that two-time champ Alonso was announced alongside his rookie team-mate. Whatever happened to him? ...


  • He certainly looks more of a champ these days. Still a bit brittle though when things not going his way.
  • Sure, but you could say that about Senna, Schumi, Vettel ... some of them a very highly strung, its part of their operating temperature.
  • Good point. I guress Dan will never be world then.
  • Lewis is deffo in the club, as is Alonso, as is Seb. All of them with different personalities and with different strenghts and weaknesses.
    For me the greatest of all remains Jim Clark, but it is of course just a matter of personal feelings. Objectivity here cannot exist and wouldn't even make much sense.
  • And by the way, the way Clewlis smashed Seb at the end (remember that after Budapest and Spa Seb looked the favourite for the title?), although helped by the Singapore disaster and Ferrari's lost reliability, shows once more the greatness of Nico's performance last year. he was helped by Lewis's engine failure at Singapore and even more by Lewis's summer spent in booze, sex and an omnipotence delirium. Still, beating Lewis is an extraordinary feat.
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