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2018 Season



  • Seb has really only got himself to blame if he loses this championship. See Monza. Plus the team does not really help him. See the ridiculous strategy for him in Singapore and for Kimi in Monza.
    And poor Kimi for the third time lost a race he could have won, this time not in order to let Seb past, but because of a crazy pitstop strategy. They undercut themselves.......
  • ...............and the same story 2 races later. There was desperation in Vettel in Japan though. He seems to be really miffed that someone has taken the power toy away. Seriously, the FIA put a second sensor on the car, and suddenly TOIT has no power. Anyone smell VW?

    It does bring into relief the power advantage that the Merc has though. TOIT have to cheat to get close to them, and automotive powerhouses like Honda & Renault can't get within 50hp? Intuitively, that doesn't work. Not when they have had 3 years to get it right.

    What would happen if it was all found to be a con????
  • Vettel is now officially the new Maldonado......
    Your theory about Ferrari and second sensor is interesting, Lease. let's see what comes after.
    I always wantered too how is it possible that in 3 years Renault and Honda could not get close to Mercedes power.....
  • Reports now that Honda are starting to find power, though without any reliability. This hybrid era is just weird. Back in the turbo days, Renault got the jump, but it didn't take long for even independent engine builders to get to the 1,000 hp in qualifying.

    On a separate note Mr Manlio, I will finally be visiting your home country in the new year. Going to spend a few days, plus NYE in Rome and then a couple of days in La Spezia. Wonder how I can squeeze in all of the historical sights in 3 days? I will certainly give it a red hot go!
  • And Kimi finally got his, day, after a faby drive over a faby Max. Really really happy for him. This makes up for Barcelona 2016 (where on Barcelona straight he did not manage to attack Max for several times on newer tyres) and for Monza 2018 where he lost due to a crazily wrong pit strategy by Ferrari (this time Lewis got the strategy wrong instead).

    Let's see now if between Mex, Bra and Abu there will be another chance, with Ferrari making up for Montecarlo and Budapest 2017 by getting Seb to hand him a final win. But perhaps I am going too far with fantasy.

    La Spezia? To do what?
    In Rome you cannot see even a quarter of what you should see in 3 days......just concentrate on the top stuff......
  • Looks like antipodean driver Brendon Hartley got the axe at Toro Rosso. It's a shame, because I thought he had made some progress this season, though perhaps not fast enough. The search for the first Kiwi World Champion since Denny Hulme (I admit to having looked that one up) continues.
  • Gosh, poor old Denny. I watched his passing live. His bimmer was hurtling down conrod straight at Bathurst in the 1,000, then it just slowly veered towards the guard rail. It was only a minor glancing blow, and the car then hugged the rail as it slowly came to a stop. Denny was already dead from a massive heart attack.

    Speaking of Bathurst, did you know that Jack Brabham & Sterling Moss partnered in 1976 in a Holden Torana? They say that there were an additional 30,000 people showed up just to watch them. Sadly, the gearbox jammed on the line, and they got rear-ended by a Triumph Dolomite. They got it back out after a couple of hours, but it was just for show.

    In any event, back to your post, Hartley is becoming one of those drivers that you simply do not know if he is good or not. So many of them now have these careers where the car or circumstances seem to never be consistent enough to get a read on them. My view is that this is just another of Marko's things. That man does swing in his views (wondering if he swings at other things as well).

    Not much steam left in this season now. Vettel is all dispirited, Hamilton will be thinking of his post-season rap sessions, and Ricciardo is crying in his beer. So it's all down to Max & Valteri to fight for the last 2 wins.
  • Ha, ha, Max, you crack me up! First of all, didn't even get a shot away at Ocon in the weighing room; just a couple of girlie pushes. Then he literally (like literally) takes his toys and storms off the podium. This was one serious example of generation entitled. Such a fabulous talent, wrapped up in such ugly packaging.

    I'm sure that sooner or later, the other good drivers will start to learn how to use the red mist against Max.
  • BTW, what did he do with the opened bottle of champagne I wonder?
  • I wonder if Max would have been so "forthright" in his actions at the scales if the other driver had been Hulkenberg or Magnussen?
  • Probably Hulkenberg or Magnussen wouldn't have fucked it up that way.
    Ocon has been extremely nervous since the summer, when he understood no good seat for 2019 was available for him.
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