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A good old rant by Clarkson

Has anyone seen seen Clarkson ranting about the current state of F1? I wonder what the old men in here make of this? :)


  • He doesn't really make many good points. He is yearning for a feeling that he had about the sport when the racing was now exciting, but his way to achieve it is not in any way intelligent.

    Sometimes people have to accept that evolution happens every where. When I was a kid, fishing was a pastime. You spent a relaxing day trying to catch something. Now fishing is a science. They know what they are going to catch, how they will do it, when they will do it, and how many. The fish do not stand a chance.

    Formula one issue definitely at a very high evolution. It is not going to be better by allowing someone to drive dangerously. Its a shame that he puts it the way that he has.
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