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2020 Season

I thougt I will post a 2020-Thread to talk about what will happen or is happening troughout the upcoming season.

As you probalby already know, there will be two "new" teams on the grid. Racing Point becoming Aston Martin and Scuderia Toro Rosso beeing rebrandend and recoloured as Alpha Tauri.

I have to say that I've grown used to the STR name and the cobalt-blue and red color scheme in recent years. They gave some good drivers a start in F1 (Vettel, Ricciardo, M. Verstappen, C. Sainz junior) almost like Minardi did. For shure there were enough who were successful elsewhere like Vergne or Buemi and some who were rather disapointing in the long term (Hartley, also having bad luck).

Now we all have to get used to this new name which is the clothing company of RedBull.

Other things in short: Haas and Williams need to improve. Ferrari was strong in summer but after that RB was faster in most cases. Mclaren should try to lead the midfield again, would like to see them more on an official podium.


  • Strange cars this year, I am very curious to see the start. I am not hoping that Clewlis will not win the championship easily but RBR may make serious progress and we always have to see what happens with the TOIT duo.....
    TOIT looked fast on the slow corners in Barcelona that would be an important development for them.
    And I hope confirmations to arrive from McLaren, Saniz and Norris and am curious to see Renault and if Ocon will confirm what he did two years ago.

    Two weeks to Melbourne, let's see.
  • Meanwhile I noticed that the renaming of Racing Point will not happen until 2021 season. Their 2020 runner seems kinda copycat of last years Mercedes in terms of aerodynamics. Somewhere I recently read HAAS would be thinking about leaving. Last seasons was indeed difficult not just on track.

    As usually we will see a trend in Melbourne who will fight for the title, even if it is no common race track as most others. ALPHATAURI and McLaren looking promising together with Racing Point considering the midfield.
  • Wow. It's been a while but the season will now start at Spielberg in the upcoming week. Good to see Alphatauri testing at Imola this week. Williams lost ROKIT sponsorship and every team gets the same amount of tyres. Apart from that no major news. Unfortunately "our" Alex Zanardi was heavily hurt in one of his races and is in a koma as I'm writing this. Hoping he will recover.
  • Zanardi still fighting, as usual!!
    Silverstone 2 race showed a huge weak point for Mercedes on tyres, let's see if Pirelli will keep this pressure.
    Silverston 1 end was iconic, although big big luck for Clewlis.
    Poor Ferrari and poor Vettel...….
    Norris and Russell great prospects for the future.
  • In Barcelona all back to normal, unfortunately and boringly. Great Max anyway, and finally a good Vettel.
  • Forza Faenza and Forza Minardi!!!!!! Due to a clerical mistake on a stupid rule, but we finally saw a fantastic race, top performance by both Gasly and Sainz (who partially missed a chance), big missed chance for Racing Point and for Max.....
    But finally a thrilling Sunday.
    Pointless to say a word about TOIT, just good that Leclerc came out unscathed, that was a huge huge crash.
    Disastrous Bottas, but Mercedes suffering on the single mapping anyway. If only Red Bull were a little bit closer to Mercedes, Lewis could be challengeable this year.....
  • Forza Minardi!!!

    I'm also quite happy for Pierre Gasly, whose "downgrading" from Red Bull in favour of Albon was quite harsh. He must feel so vindicated today.
  • Finally, new faces. Hopefully this single map, in the short term at least will provide variety. That's until the engineers work out cheat mode. I don't agree that Stroll was allowed to use a different compound though.
  • Great track Mugello, hope to see it again in F1. Being mainly conceived for the safery of bike rider, it does not forgive: a slight mistake and a car is in the gravel trap. Race itself was crazy but everything happened at the back. Roll on Sochi now, let's see if Lewis equals M$'s 91 wins already there...…
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