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2021 Predictions

Clewlis to sit out season due to protracted contract demands, and buys hemp farm
George Russell to replace him and win WDC in 21
Bottas 3.0 to grow a grey beard and go to the drawing board, again...
Fernando to quit after 3 races. Alpine is a rubbish
TOIT keeps blowing new engines. Fast but fragile. Cheating...
Ricciardo make deal with Zach Brown to get a tattoo if he wins a race. Zach gets a tramp stamp in December.
Aus GP gets cancelled in Nov as Vic government insists on 4 week hotel quarantine
Verstappen gets a sense of humour
Marko says something nice
Aston realise that Seb is shit, and try to copy Clewlis's dreadlocks with ther 3D cameras and apply to Sebs head. FIA not impressed. Nor is misses Seb


  • tough to make a prediction but I'll give it a go:
    Mercedes: on top again even if that ist getting lame.
    RB: Few victories but maybe more than in 2020. Perez will have to show that he can handle RB better than Gasly or Albon. Even Ricciardo or Sainz jr. could just partly match his pace in recent years.
    TOIT: can only improve considering the year they had. Wondering if Sainz 'smooth operator' will be carried over successfully.
    Mclaren: about the same as 2020. Perhaps few more podium finishes.
    Aston Martin: is gonna battle with Mclaren for 4th spot.
    Alpine: Also thinking Alonso might quit if not competitive. Maybe a round of three fight for 5th place against Alphatauri and Aston Martin.
    Alphatauri: few podiums like in 2019 and regular points would be nice. I mean there was just one podium in 2020 even if it was a victory. Will Tsunoda replace Perez?
    Alfa Romeo: few point finishes, probably Kimi's or Giovinazzis last season with 'em. One might be replaced by Schumacher.
    Haas & Williams will battle for last -again-.
  • RB and Merc to decide victory among them, McLaren and AlphaTauri to battle it out for third. Both Ferrari and Aston to severely disappoint. Vettel to step down at the end of season. Alpine to put in a few surprises with Alonso. Kimi to once again be most entertaining driver of the season, though Alfa still no serious contender. Haas and Williams to have tough, pointless seasons.
  • Haas at their last season I think, and Mazepin not ready for F1 at all…..
    Tsunoda may be the surprise of the season.
    Let's give Alpine and Aston Martin three more races, then we see.
    Clewlis t be champion again but hopefully looks like a closer fight with RBR. Perez may win another race.
    TOIT cannot be worse than last year, will be a good comeback season for them, like 1987, 1994 and 2015, although I doubt they will manage to win a race.
  • Sad winter for Minardi with the tragical loss, at just 60, of Adrian Campos.

    And we have to say goodbye also to F1 legend Murray Walker and to 1986 Senna's teammate in Lotus Johnny Dumfries. A loving thought to all of them and to their families.
  • Loved the Azeri GP. Good to see STR/Alpha Tauri doing so well. Vettel also really deserved that podium, so well done to him and to Alonso who grabbed some valuable points at that restart.

    Seems like we have ourselves a Championship this year.
  • In Spa Formula 1 rocked the bottom. Ok, was not an easy situation, but the solution chosen was really the worst. Hope they reimburse the tickets to the fans without blinking their eyes.

    And really let's hope these points Max got this way over Lewis not to be a title decider. I hope Max to win the Championship, but not this way!!
  • Let's see what happens now in Jeddah. Fantastic season, and I guess Lewis knows he is not supposed to fight at the start if Max is side by side with him, otherwise it will be like in Suzuka 1990.
    Both drivers deserve the title, of course I hope Max to get it without incidents on track.....

    RIP Sir frank Williams. Thank you, Frank, for all the emotions you, your cars and your drivers gave me in my young days.
  • what an amazing final race! hope you enjoyed it as much as I did
  • well I did enjoy the last race, too. I would say that the FIA would face about the same trouble if the SC stayed out until the race was finished. If all cars past it Verstappen would have probably also had enough tracktime to still overtake Lewis. It's easy to say that in the aftermath, it were decisions made in a few seconds. Guess many racing fans are OK with Verstappen triumphing. Especially consindering that his father drove for Minardi in 2003 and Max himself for ToroRosso later I'm fine with it. Minardi has some connections to Netherlands for some years now. Not just drivers but also partners like MUERMANS or the whole thing with the JUMBO Supermarkten and their boss who owns serveral Minardi cars.

    Since our local german broadcasting (RTL) did just buy the rights for a few races last season I did miss much more races than the other years.
  • I hear that another Dutch former Minardi driver, Robert "Doorknobs" Doornbos, now owns a sex toys business.
  • Well, that would not be too much of a problem for us.....would add even more to his minardi spirit.......

    As per this season, Charles is still not at WC level, and Max will easily win. But Ferrari seriously need a change in the race management team......
  • @manlio27: Ferrari will get a new team principal from 2022 onwards. I guess it has never been an easy task for such a legendary team especially with the italian press. Except for Ross Brawn their was always a sort of success but also major drawbacks if you look at Binotto, Arrivabene etc.
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