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Over at Albers site it says he has landed sponsorship with Porsche. The rough translation I was able to get seems like it is only personal and he gets to drive a 911. Would be cool if it was more than a personal sponsorship. Minardi Porsche sounds good to me as long as the Minardi name stays.


  • I guess Porsche was the only sports car manufacturer that would give him a free car considering all the rest were in F1 anyway......Still....he can't grumble, a car is a car.
  • I'd even take a Yugo for this kinda sponsorship!:P
  • re: F1, don't hold you breath for Porsche. GT is its thing, when it can be bothered.
  • Did any of you guys happen to think - Cosworth is now an independant engine manufacturer, meaning we could possibly re-brand them, with their permission of course.

    Now the talk for this year is that Kiesa will be our second driver. If memory serves me correctly, his career has been heavily funded in the past by Peugeot...what are the chances?
  • Thought about it but Renault is the 600 pound gorilla of french motor industry. With a "Peugeot" in the back of Minardi their chances of taking it to them is slim and would not be good on the PR machine.
  • + Peugeot has wisely concentrated on rallying since its dismal efforts in F1.
  • Peugeot will leave this WRC at the end of this season.
  • peugeot aren't that small, they and Citroen are one and the same company (PSA Group) and citroen is doing extremely well in Europe at the moment

    but still, I very much doubt they would be willing to return to F1
  • Corrado Provera's last words regarding F1: It's ridiculously expensive.

    Sounds like tehy're not even thinking about caoming back, at least till 2008.
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