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Stoddart interview on pitpass.com - MUST READ!

WOW! that is the most frank interview for a long time. Just to be clear though, this is not a Stoddart interview asking for money, it's Stoddart as representative of the nine teams explaining their position.

It's a long article, but its entirely worth it. It is great stuff.

Those TOIT boys, I really am starting to dislike them...

Story link below



  • This is almost like the FISA/FOCA 'war' of the early 1980's. Pretty soon we'll see the 9 teams organise their own Grand Prix at which Ferrari isnt invited to race! :hehe:
  • Am I the only one who doesn't like how Balfe writes about himself in third person perspective?
  • This is nasty... I'm losing respect for PS.

    There's something not quite right about what he's saying. He admits Todt was not invited to the 2nd metting due to an oversight... that's just too convenient. Someone was playing political games. And everyone united behind PS. Even Ron Dennis...I don't know... If my enemy decided to stand behind me when I'm battling "the law", I would be suspicious.

    This whole 9 vs. 1 thing looks like sour grapes on behalf of Ron Dennis and Frank Williams - and if it all goes wrong they can blame it on Stoddart, the ringleaader, and come out the other side supporting the FIA and claiming innocence.

    Max pleaded with the TWG to slow down the cars at the beginning of 2004, and nothing happened. They should not be crying like babies now.
  • Good luck Stoddie, you need it. (God, he goes on, doesn't he?!)
  • Good work by PS and the nine rebel teams.

    But Max Mosely's reply on 8 Feb is pathetic.

    If he doesn't have time to address the issues, he should resign and let someone else takeover.

    MAX needs to step back, think about the sport, get engaged with the Technical Committee and listen to all the teams.

    He may have done a lot for F1, but a lawyer's arrogance can often lead him into the win at all costs mentality.

    .....that's starting to sound like TOIT attitude!

    That may be right for a competitor, but not for the governing body, which needs to put the sport first.

    That hasn't been happening.

    [Edited on 10/2/2005 by Dr_Spin]
  • When was the last time 9 teams got together?

    This is pretty unprecidented.

    9 teams with the same plan, which seems to be a serious review of their business by relevant technical people. (and with a reasonable amount of time to do it in)

    Even if the technical guys struggle to reach concensous, the plan itself is reasonable and transparent.

  • This is nasty... I'm losing respect for PS.
    Glad you had some left! Mine went a long time ago......Now he has to earn my respect and he has'nt done that yet.........
  • Stoddie is the only reason that I sort of like Minardi actually.
  • The day I'll have time to read nine pages with stoddart talking, will be a sad day.

    is it that interesting?
  • The day I'll have time to read nine pages with stoddart talking, will be a sad day.

    is it that interesting?
    12 pages actually, and yes it is.
  • It's not.
  • Won't change your life, but worth reading
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