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Judas says Stoddie is 'like Jesus'

Eddies Irvine and Jordan + Jo Ramirez are the pundits in the Autosport season preview who talk about Minardi.

EI likes Stoddie and 'he's done well but I don't think Minardi make much difference to F1. They are there to make the grid look fuller'.

EJ says some people think of Stoddie as an anorak 'but I don't think that's fair - Minardi is the fourth oldest team in F1 and I don't know anyone other than Stoddie who could've kept it going ... the loaves and fishes story could be applied to him and I reckon he's Jesus in another guise. Mind you, he'd say I know all about that because he calls me Judas from time to time! We enjoy a lot of banter like that ... the manufacturers, and they know who I mean, have not given the small teams the credit or respect they deserve [for talent-spotting]'.

Jo says GCM was such a racer and he was truly admired, 'Stoddart is in the same mould .. almost impossible to survive ... I think they'll improve this year ... It's like Theodore Racing in the old days, we used to be the trampoline to stardom'.


Well, some nice stuff there. Love the Jesus quote. We'll miss ya, EJ. Sort of.


  • Jeez, as if he died. Spooky stuff, PS has to be carefull !!
  • [Cue deep brown voice ...]

    "They said it couldn't be done; they've been saying it for 21 years.

    From a time that sport forgot, from a town that no-one could spell comes ...


    Robert de Niro is Gian Carlo Minardi, the man who refused to lie down.

    Leonardo di Caprio is Pierluigi Martini, the racer who drove into history.

    Pierce Brosnan is Mark Webber, the man who shook and stirred an entire continent.

    Eddie Jordan is Judas, the ally who had a mad Montreal moment.

    Catherine Zeta Jones is Jos Verstáppen, the big girl almost everyone could resist.

    AND Robert Powell is Stoddie, the prophet who turned water into sump oil.

  • Robert de Niro is Gian Carlo Minardi, the man who refused to lie down.
    For some reason I can really imagine de Niro playing GCM. I think the only thing he'd have to do is dye his hair a little.
  • Great post, viges. :hehe:

    Here's some of the pit wall banter, 1989 season (De Niro film quotes underlined):

    Martini: I'm pitting in 2 laps, boss
    Martini: Boss, did you get that - pitting in 2 laps
    Martini: Mr Minardi?
    GCM: You talkin to me?
    Martini: Yes
    GCM: You talking to me?
    Martini: (pause) Is this Giancarlo?
    GCM: Who the f*ck you talkin to?
    Martini: (meekly) I've got to pit, boss.
    GCM: You've gotta what?
    Martini: Pit, in just over a lap.... ah shit, a Tyrrell's just got me at turn 10. It was Alboreto ... F*CK!
    GCM: F*CK! You know what you are, Martini? You're a jerk off, you know why you're a jerk off because that's what I think of you
    (long silence, heavy breathing on the radio)
    Martini: I'm in the pit lane, get ready. That Tyrrell's still there, let's see if we can get him at the stop
    GCM: Let's make them an offer they can't refuse...
    (turns to Rumi, also on the 'prat perch')
    GCM: Here, take this (hands Rumi a pistol he's had hidden behind a monitor)
    Rumi: Mamma Mia! What is this for?
    GCM: You have to think about one shot. One shot is what it's all about. The Tyrrell has to be taken with one shot.
    Rumi: (speechless).... Wha..?
    GCM: Quickly, here he comes!
    Rumi: I'm not shooting anyone, you madman!
    GCM: I'll do it then, a good plan today is better than the perfect plan tomorrow.
    (GCM snatches the pistol back and waits for Alboreto to get in range, and then with silencer attached takes a single shot, which goes straight thru the Tyrrell driver's visor and hits him right between the eyes. The mortally wounded driver loses all control of his car, which crashes violently into the McLaren pits causing many serious lower leg injuries [sidenote - as a result, Frank Williams later forms the all-wheelchair grand prix team!])
    Rumi: You, you just shot a driver Giancarlo!
    GCM: He knew the risks, he didn't have to be there. It rains... you get wet.
    (Bernie Ecclestone, the police, and the press are rushing to the scene)
    Rumi: But..... you're finished.... we're finished.....
    GCM: Never rat on your friends and always keep your mouth shut.
    Ecclestone: (out of breath) What.... what have you done, Giancarlo?
    GCM: I've got one bullet left in this here gun, Bernie. You're gonna learn about loss. (shoots Ecclestone, blood flows, credits roll - A Quentin Tarantino film)

    Who could play Rumi? And Ecclestone? And .... Alboreto? :o

    [Edited on 11/2/2005 by MinardiP1]
  • Great stuff.

    Bernie has to be Danny de Vito.
  • Great stuff :hehe: :hehe:

    "A Quentin Tarantino film" :hehe:
  • rumi wasn't there in 1989 but never mind :mad:

    great stuff... you don't like catherine zeta jones then, simon?
  • Lovely, lovely Welsh girl (with horrible mid-Atlantic accent); she'd be in character, darling.
  • Could we maybe write Flav into the story ????;)
    Would be good to have some supermodels to acompany him !!!:cool:
  • Ben Stiller can play DC!
  • Sean Connery as Rumi
    Adriano Celentano as Alboreto
    Anthony Hopkins as Frank Williams
    Harvey Keitel as Briatore, and...
    Samuel L. Jackson as Naomi Campbelll

    Lovely stuff:hehe: :hehe: :hehe: :hehe:

    Tarantino always appears in hsi movies, he should be one of the injured mechanics.

    BTW I liked Judas & Jo, Simon.
  • who get's to play 'Sandro?
  • If I watch the thread-title, i get the idea to turn the movie "The Passion oft the OZ" :hehe:
  • Yoko,

    I'd let Connery shave and have him act as Flavio !!!!!
  • No - I think we would have to dig up Brando to play the role of the fat Briqatore.
  • Tarantino always appears in his movies,
    Where in Kill Bill 1 or 2?

  • Nextto the title"director"
  • Walken as Schumi.

    Pesci as Todt.
  • If Pesci is able to remain serious during shooting, he could play Peter Sauber.
  • I'd prefer Rick Moranis for Todt.

    'Honey, I enlarged the budget'
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