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Pitpass article (with reaction)

Check out page 2 of this article:

It says that Midland has contracted Rusinov and that he will be the first Russian to drive an F1 car !!!!!

I wrote an e-mail to Mr Lawrence explaining him that that is NOT true. I pointed him out that Russian driver Sergei Zolbin has been a Minardi test driver !!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I got this reply:
Dear Rafael

I might have known it would be one of the Minardi Mob!

Perhaps you could fill me in on this star's glittering career?

I bet the first oyster in an F1 car will be in a Minardi and it will be hailed as a great day for bottom-feeding bivalves everywhere. Meanwhile Stoddart laughs all the way to the bank. When it comes to skimming, Stoddart makes EJ look like an amateur.

Thank you for taking the trouble to writ.

Good wishes

I don't quite understand if this man is being sarcastic or if he means that he likes Minardi and Stoddart !?!?!?!?! (strange humor)


  • wow, such great people who write for pitpass... if he claims to be an f1 journo he should have heard of zlobin, it's not that long a go...

  • What a cunt :seriouslypissed:

    How's about someone posts that little diatribe on teh Pitpass forum....
  • What a dick....

  • I am not positive, but I do think that Mike Lawrence of Pitpass is the same Mike Lawrence who was with MOTOR SPORT magazine in the mid-80's.

    "I don't guite understand if this man is being sarcastic or if he meansthat he likes Minardi and Stoddart!?!?!?!?! (strange humor)"

    hmmmm..... I would say that he is being sarcastic......... he is making up for his ignorance on our "Russian Rocket". That said, I don't see anything too off base with the rest of his reply (Nissany/oyester comes to mind.....).

  • Yeah they have a real attitude over there. I once bothered to email them, got a reaction like this one.

    I think I got on their blacklist since then, but I don't really care ;)
  • Why be pissed off?? At least he took the time to write back to you. I think by the look of it he likes Stoddart and Minardi..........
  • Pitpass have been Stoddart's mouthpiece ever since Lawrence did that article about 'maybe we should listen to him' in '03.

    Stoddart uses them as his press bureau and in return they get first dibs on the interesting stuff.

    Rather something of an oversight in regard to 'Street Racer Sergei' though, quite uncharacteristic.

    Regards the bivalve talent scouting remark, yes, it's just a bit of sarcasm to hide his embarrassment. The notion that Stoddart will pursue any opportunity to sign up test drivers for moneyis well known and I would say that this is an oblique reference to that unbelievable embarrassment - Nissany.

    Clearly though, Mr. Lawrence has been watching these pages - no doubt looking (forlornly) for insider tid bits.

    So, why not address the crowd Mike? or maybe better yet, Simon should start earning his membership and get on the blower to him for an interview. Could be quite entertaining if the right probes are used.
  • So, why not address the crowd Mike? or maybe better yet, Simon should start earning his membership and get on the blower to him for an interview. Could be quite entertaining if the right probes are used.
    what an idea!

    [Edited on 10/2/2005 by forzaminardi]
  • Errr, er, you want me to interview a journalist?
  • Of course, it's the latest thing on televison.

    Informed guests can say all the wrong things.

    Much better to do someone who knows what you like.

    Bit like homosexuality really. A man knows what a man needs.
  • How can we comment?
    We didn't see your email (Rafael) which might have set the tone for the reply.
  • Quite.

    BTW Lease, you're on your own again in the big city, aren't you?
  • How can we comment?
    We didn't see your email (Rafael) which might have set the tone for the reply.
    I'm sorry. I was going to post it here, but I don't have it anymore!!:(

    I will try to reproduce:

    Dear Mr Lawrence,

    I have read your Pitpass article called "Midland F1, Nissany & Calcutta".
    On page 2 you wrote that Jordan/Midland have contracted Russian testdriver Roman Rusinov, and that he will be the 1st Russian ever to drive an F1 car.
    I'd like to point out that this is NOT true, because Minardi used to have a Russian testdriver named Sergei Zlobin.

    Kind regards,

    Rafael Via
    (member of ForzaMinardi.com)

    Mr Lawrence replied that he "could imagine it was one of the Minardi mob".
    I'm wondering if he means Zlobin as 1st Russian driver or ME as ForzaMinardi.com member ?????

    BTW Matt,

    I'm not PO'd !! I justed wanted to share with you guys that Pitpass writers actually read and comment on reader's rections !!!!!!
  • I've corresponded with Mike before. He's always responded, although sometimes with a bit of sarcasm.

    I think the "Minardi Mob" bit is an acknowledgement that the we're probably the fans most likely to defend, or talk up our team.

    We are a pretty rabid bunch. We don't have much to shout about, but when we do we shout loud and long. Especially if it means claiming a first for Minardi.

  • I like Pitpass guys generally (though didn't like tehir comments on Mosley's last moves as masteestroke) and posted on their talking points frequently. Balfe seems to be a nice person.

    Regarding Rafa's action; Way to go chato, I think Lawrence was more sarcastic than usual, that's it.

    I liked Lease's point of view, but I'd prefer Simon interviewing Lease rather than Lawrence. Knowing Lease it can be longer than the 12-pages Stoddie report:hehe:
  • God help us.

  • It was a cold day. October was always a lottery, but even this late in the month, spring was yet to assert its influence over the remnants of a bitter winter that at times, had left the denizens of the harbour city of Sydney keeping their jumpers on for longer than usual.

    The low set roof of the sprawling suburban hospital was much like most of the the city's outer architecture. Built in the thirties, it was twenty years old and the sculptured pillars at the entrance looked sadly pompous amongst the red-roofed forest of houses that surounded it.

    The heavily pregnant woman was wheeled into the maternity ward. Four previous trips had taken the newness and the terror from the ordeal that she was about to endure. Little did she know that this child would be the biggest ordeal yet..........and it would last 46 years and counting.

    C'mon Viges, it'd be great!
  • what the...???
  • That poor woman.
  • I can imagine the scene, with the '2001:A space odissey' song in the background.

    Lease you better look for cheap flight for Mr. Vigar
  • Yoko, that or "Ride of the Valkeries".
  • Thanks Minardus,

    You didn't have to reproduce your letter here, but it is quite straightforward and unprovocative.

    I think the sarcasm in the reply is due to the Minardi fan image, as others have pointed out.

    A little private denigration.....we can live with that if we keep getting the cluib noticed.
  • Yoko, that or "Ride of the Valkeries".
    Seems good to me.
  • Minardus

    check out the new article in Pitpass, entitled "Testers"....your name is in the article for correcting Mr. Lawrence.
  • Nice one Rafael :D
  • Good one Rafa :cool:
  • Rafa you should go ask Zlobo's sponsor for some kind of retribution for the free press you gave him.:cool:
  • Anyone care for an autograph ????:P

    BTW, here's the link:

    [Edited on 15/2/2005 by Minardus]
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