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Pay Divers

I fear the days of the PAY driver are dead. By pay driver, I mean a drver who's only merit to the seat is the money he brings the team. Thats opposed to a driver with a budget, ie one who has achieved in lower formula and has some backing.
I'm left wondering what the point of this endless list of drvers testing for Minardi at Misano.
If we want to assess adrivers ability we need to stick him on a high demand test track like Estoril or Jerez and see what happens. Under 05 tech regs a PAY driver will either be slow, crash or be slow and crash! Here endeth the lesson!!!


  • Testing at a less demanding circuit makes sense when you consider that this is the first time many of these drivers have driven an F1 car .

    Using a relatively easy track you can assess how quickly drivers get up to speed, technical input and consitency.
    Challenging tracks take longer for a driver to learn and require more laps (increased cost) and may lead to crashed / damaged cars.

    By testing a large number of drivers we get a better comparison of any outright talent and it will also create an element of competition for backers to find enough money.

    Its sad that we have to have pay drivers and can't just get the best talent :(
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