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Its Official! Friesacher Announced




VELDEN, AUSTRIA, February 15, 2005 – The Minardi F1 Team today announces that promising young Austrian driver, Patrick Friesacher, has signed with the Faenza team as race driver for 2005.  The 24-year-old, from Wolfsberg/Carinthia, is well-regarded by Minardi personnel, having tested for the Formula One team and participated in Minardi F1 two-seater events on several occasions.  He was also a regular front-runner in the FIA F3000 International Championship between 2001 and 2004, scoring wins and a number of top-six finishes in the highly competitive series.


“For me, it is the realisation of a long-held dream to be in Formula One,” says Friesacher.  “I am also extremely happy that I will be making my debut in the World Championship with Minardi.  I know many of the people in the team, and it really is just like a big family.  There is a great atmosphere, and when you consider how many top F1 drivers have started their careers at Minardi, I can’t think of a better place to start mine.  In fact, I feel honoured to be part of the team, and will do my very best for them this season.  I’m training really hard at the moment to ensure my fitness is good, but I can’t wait for the season to get under way in Australia.  This is a great opportunity, and I intend to make the most of it.”


Minardi Team Principal, Paul Stoddart, comments, “We are very pleased to have signed Patrick.  He impressed team personnel enormously when he tested for us at Misano in November, and he was undoubtedly one of the stars of the show at the memorable South African F1x2 Grand Prix at Kyalami last year.  He’s a quick, and equally importantly, consistent driver, who is also capable of providing good technical feedback to the engineers.  I firmly believe the combination of Patrick and team mate, Christijan Albers, will provide Minardi with an extremely strong young driver line-up this season.”              


- Ends -



Date of birth                 September 26, 1980  

Born                              Wolfsberg, Austria

Lives                              Wolfsberg, Austria

Marital status              Single

Height                           1.78 m

Weight                          68 kg


Race Career
1990-1997                   Karting, races in various local, national and international competitions

1998                              Formula Campus Series (France), 3rd place overall

1999                              French F3 Championship, Class B, 3rd place overall
2000                              German F3 Championship, 6th place overall (2 wins, 2 pole positions)
2001                             FIA F3000 International Championship, Red Bull Jr Team, 13th place overall (3 top-6 finishes)

2002                              FIA F3000 International Championship, Red Bull Jr Team, 10th place overall (2nd Monaco)

2003                              FIA F3000 International Championship, Red Bull Jr Team/Coloni, 5th place overall (1st Hungary)

2004                              FIA F3000 International Championship, Super Nova/Coloni, 5th place overall (1st Hungary)

2005                              FIA Formula One World Championship, Race Driver Minardi Cosworth



Editors’ Note: Further information concerning Patrick Friesacher is available at www.minardi.it and www.PF1BOX.com




  • Cool, this will be a great year:cool:
  • Great !!!!!
    Another driver that knows all the Euro-tracks and one that's highly rate by team personell !!!!!

    I hope RJ gets some confirmation about the test the team wanted to do in Imola !!!!!
  • as race driver
    Race driver? Wow, that's cool :D

    Any news who's sponsoring him? Superfund?
  • Welcome Patrick !!

    I think the combination with Albers is very promising. Let's hope the new car will give them the oppurtunity to shine !!
  • Congratulations!!!!

    Great for Patrick!
    Great for Minardi!

    Rumors say there will be a test next week at Imola including Sauber and Toyota.
    Patrick will drive the distance to secure a super license.


    [Edited on 15/2/2005 by Boos]

    [Edited on 15/2/2005 by Boos]
  • Thanks Minardus - went over to his site and started going thru his sponsors.

    I do not have time to go thru them all but this is what I see so far

    Remus - motorcycle exhaust

    Some regional holiday guide

    An Austrian ISP

    A pretty good looking fitness training organization

    any of you guys have a more in depth look at who is behind him and what products can we get behind?
  • Thanks for the info Boos !!!

    I am sad to see that Minardi will only be there day !!!!:(
  • 2 good drivers? Its so crazy it could work :P
  • Any original pics - stories, interviews....Fabiana stories?

    inquiring minds want to know!
  • Great action by PS tearing up the test contract !!!!
    I wonder if Kiesa will be announces as 3rd driver, with him having cash available !?!!

    RE Haider: isn't that the extreme-right-wing-party leader ???

    [Edited on 15/2/2005 by Minardus]
  • RE Haider: isn't that the extreme-right-wing-party leader ???
    If so that would be GREAT!
  • If so that would be GREAT!
  • I need to have a political ally SOMEWHERE in the Minardi universe.
  • RE Haider: isn't that the extreme-right-wing-party leader ???
    You are right :(:(:(

    I find that a pretty negative aspect. Haider s*cks :spank::spank:

  • he was a very nice guy though, very friendly... i know he has a bad reputation but I guess "pecuniam non olet"

    see front page article for full interview with stoddart and friesacher.

    from velden it's bye bye
  • Cool news, thanx RJ and Rafa.
    The only thing I dislike is Stoddie and Minardi signing a contract with a neonazi bloke. I dislike Haider a lot, but if Friesacher will run for the team then okay. Just keep your mouth shut herr Haider.
    I can0t belieive why austrians can still vote for such a neonazi, shame on them. Same goes to Pim Fortuyn and Le Pen.
    He's the schwarzenegger of austria (funny governor)
  • Good job RJ - you earned your pay today.

    As far as the politician. Who gives a rats ass? I was only joking but you people take this crap way too seriously. There is enough politics in F1 - look at PS's statement for proof of that. We don't need it clouding F1 anymore than it has to.

  • RJ, you should be happy! You're half Austrian and half Dutch, and Minardis this yearare going to be driven by an Austrian and a Dutchman. You chose the right team!:D
  • Thank God it is not Kiesa. Good luck to Friesacher. Too bad to see Haider connected with Minardi.
  • Summary:

    Albers/Friesacher VS Monteiro/ Strange guy from India which name I can't spell

    A miracle has to happen for that we can't kick Jordans ass!

  • GrandPrix.com has it WRONG:
    It's Friesacher!
    Minardi has announced that its second driver this year will be Austrian Patrick Friesacher. The former Red Bull driver has been a winner in Formula 3000 in 2003 and 2004 and moves to F1 having done some test drives with Minardi in the past.

    The announcement means that Minraid is now looking for a third driver to do the Friday testing at the races and we hear that the men most likely to get the job are Zsolt Baumgartner and Nicolas Kiesa.
    Zsolt can't be 3rd driver, because he already drove 20 GP's in the last 2 seasons !!!!!
  • Alright RJ. You can open up registration again! ;-)
  • Alright RJ. You can open up registration again! ;-)
    Are you sure it's safe? lot's of TDW fan's out there without any race to

  • no versbatten and no kiesa is alright to me.
    now the danish canbe 3rd driver if he brings money. I'll buy Lego for my son if he comes.
  • Is there allready a video of the conference on the web? I would like to see Stoddie terring up the contract...
  • I read the guy's career. He'll do fine in Hungary for sure
  • Are you sure it's safe? lot's of TDW fan's out there without any race to

    What are they gonna do? Cry? ;)
  • RE Haider: isn't that the extreme-right-wing-party leader ???
    I was going to ask the same question myself - how disappointing!

    But why didn't Fidel sponsor our cars???????
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