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Pre- season Punditry

These are my predictions on the upcoming season.
More protests than the rancorous 82 season where the technical regs were written with a 12 gauge,
Macca to take the championship.
TOIT to take the piss.
BAR flattered last year will fall back.
Renault, hmmmm....
Williams, these guys deserve a break, anyone who sells his Learjet to invest in his team has goy my vote.Still got problems with the design department. Heidfeld will outperform Webber.
Sauber, looks like these guy are ditching TOIT. Expect Massa to be ditched with that engine supply.
Toyota, double hmmm...
RBR, could pull something off, DC's consistent. Don't know how effective Klein will be with Luizzi breating down his back.
Jordan, They're only 4s off the ultimate pace with the new car. They could cut the deficit.
Minardi, everything seems to be hanging on the "new" car. Not much windtunnel time and a lot of guestimation on weight distribution and long life tyres. At least Freisacher will wring the cars neck, which is more than I can say for Albers.


  • don't think Mäkklärren will be that good.
    Let's not kid ourselves, it will be another Ferrari walkover!

    If BAR and Renault can continue last year's trend I expect them the outclass both Willams and Mäkklärren. However I put a question mark over the team spirit at BAR after the Button affair.

    if the new Minardi is any good RedBull and Jordan can be beaten. We've got a good, young line up and more money than the years before. Also we haven't had an engine as competitive since the Minardi-Ferrrari days.
  • RJ we still don't know the new engine. Let's see how it peforms in the Red Bulls before Minardi can try it in Imola.
    Money: Friesacher didn't brought many $, dunno if budget will reach 40m.

    Yet I'm optimistic regarding this season.
  • http://www.pitpass.com/fes_php/pitpass_news_item.php?fes_art_id=23547

    Pitpass has an article talking about the cosworth engines. Should be 900bhp, and they are looking towards 950bhp. Also says that they have not had any engine failures, and at least one has doner 7000 kms. Red Bull have also been in the upper part of the testing times sheets.

    This sounds like some good indications of where we will stand when we get the new engines.
  • 1. TOIT
    2. Macca
    3. Renault
    4. Williams
    5. BAR
    6. Toyota
    7. Red Bull
    8. Sauber
    9. Minardi
    10. Jordan
  • 1) TOIT (They help write the regulations!)
    2) Reanault (looks like they got a good car this year)
    3) Macca (Think they will be close to Renault but have they really sorted the engine?)
    4) Williams (Go Mark! Car looks too conservative)
    5) BAR (Won't do as well due to loss of DR and the whole Buttongate saga)
    6) Sauber (The new wind tunnel will help them improve as the season goes on)
    7) Toyota (Still can't get it right even with Gascoyne)
    8) Red Bull (Should not of let go Pitchforth and Purnell)
    9) Minardi (if the 2005 car is good)
    10) Jordan (People jumping ship, low morale, Drivers who have only done well in World Series by Nissan, what more can i say?)
  • 1. Williams( with a reliable car, the best driver pairing on the grid)
    2. TOIT( MS is going to be WDC, but RB is a setback this year)
    3. Renault( or McLaren) (strong & consistent driver pairing, good car)
    4. Mc
    5. Toyota( average drivers, but the car is going to be ok, if not, we will see the katanas in action...)
    6. BAR ( personally, I think they have two extremely overrated drivers, and pressure is on...)
    7. Sauber ( if the car is going to deliver....)
    8. Red Bill
    9. MINARDI
    10. Mild and Jordan
  • My idea:

    1. TOIT
    2-4. Renault/Williams/McLaren (I haven't gor a clue in which order)
    5. Bar (I think they looked so good in 2004 because Williams and McLaren f.cked-up)
    6-7 Sauber/Red Bull (difficult to say which will be better)
    8. Toyota (again)
    9-10. Minardi/Jordan (if the PS05 is good we WILL beat Jordan, but untill Imola I won't say it)

    Pitpass also has a view: http://www.pitpass.com/fes_php/pitpass_feature_item.php?fes_art_id=23538
  • TOIT wins but we will have a good season by beating at least one team.
  • There's an interesting read in January's Race Tech magazine, talking about the growth of HP in modern F1. They published HP figures for the 2004 season based on the author's own estimates. It's a very good article, if you're into that sort of thing. Anyway, here's what they say (from article & graph):

    2004 3.0 litre engines:

    Honda V10: 930 HP
    BMW V10: 910 HP
    Toyota V10: 910 HP
    Ferrari V10: 910 HP
    Ilmor V10: 900 HP
    Renault V10: 880 HP
    Cosworth V10: 880 HP
    Cosworth Customer V10: 830 HP

    Now I've read in a couple places the new 2005 Cossie will be 25 - 50 HP higher than the previous. If this is true, the PS05 will be playing with 75 - 100 HP more than last year. Or something like 8% to 12%. Considering engines only, this is a big leap forward. Granted, they say tires and aero have the biggest effect on lap times, but if Bridgestome have a good year... anything is possible.

    *Keeping fingers crossed for a good chassis too
  • BMW admitted that their new engine was an updated version of last years engine, rather than a new designed one because they had not enough time (new rules). Therefore that updated version is heavier and has less horsepower (or the same) as last year. Honda already said that they will have more BHP, but reliability is a big problem.
    I think Mercedes build a very good engine and Renault did well also. But it is not all about BHP, driveability is also very important.

    My list:
    1. Toit
    2. Renault (good drivers, good chassis, good engine. Hopefully both drivers will get the same material)
    3. McLaren
    4. Williams (two very good drivers)
    5. BAR (motivation and reliabilityproblems)
    6. Toyota (the car is okay I think)
    7. Sauber (Villeneuve will be a big dissapointment, the c24 is not good yet)
    8. Red Bull (the experience of DC will not be enough in a not well structured F1 team)
    9. Minardi (good drivers, hopefully good car)
    10. Midland (that Indian guy is okay, the rest of the team will not be good enough)

    [Edited on 19/2/2005 by vuurmuur]
  • 1. TOIT (they're just foxing in testing)
    2. McLaren (Kimi to beat JPM)
    3. Williams (Webber and Heidfeld to be evenly matched)
    4. Renault (Alonso to shit all over Fisi)
    5. Toyota (big improvers, esp Trulli who beats Ralf)
    6. BAR (Button sucking, Brits suddenly quiet. ITV forced to find another hero to crap on about all the time)
    7. Sauber (Villeneuve to be on podium in Canada, but that's it)
    8. Red Bull (One car team: DC to get most of their points, just like Webber did)
    9. Minardi (will look crap for first 4 races, then steadily get the better of Jordan from mid point of season. Better enjoy it boys, it will be our only season off the bottom for a considerable time)
    10. Jordan (will beat Minardi in first 3 races, but fortunately get 0 points. Karthikeyan to thump Monteiro, some Minardi fans on here to be suddenly very silent about having wanted the other Monty :hehe: )

    [Edited on 19/2/2005 by MinardiP1]
  • Now I've read in a couple places the new 2005 Cossie will be 25 - 50 HP higher than the previous. If this is true, the PS05 will be playing with 75 - 100 HP more than last year. Or something like 8% to 12%. Considering engines only, this is a big leap forward. Granted, they say tires and aero have the biggest effect on lap times, but if Bridgestome have a good year... anything is possible.

    *Keeping fingers crossed for a good chassis too
    Did you guys listen to the complaints the drivers had with the PS03 and PS04 ? No grip, no traction. With more power at the back the grip thing will be the key to succes for Minardi. Now, knowing that the new rules only decrease grip and traction, but new aero tricks will compensate this, it is very unlikely that Minardi will bring forward a new PS05 with sufficient grip and traction. They just do not have the money to develop. So don't set your hopes too high...

  • 1. TOIT (but it will be a little harder)
    2. Renault (impressive couple of drivers, the car is doing fine)
    3. McL (
    4 Willi (great battle between nick & mark)
    5 Toyo (this could be the right year to do something good)
    6 Bar (won't be as 2004)
    7 Sauber (never underestimate those people, who knows...)
    8 Red Bull (DC will score points)
    9 Minardi (just to be optimistic)
    10 Jordan (I talk about them using the past)
  • Criticizing the Empire is something of a tradition here in the colonies!

    (bloody limeys. Never did us any good.)

    Anyway, my prediction for Constructors, read 'em and weep:

    1: Renault. Best car. Best tires. Best driver combo.
    2. TOIT. MS's last season after he decides it's no fun to finish 2nd.
    3. McLucky. Would be higher but Monto will take out Raikk in at least 3 races
    4. Williams: Webber gets his 1st win
    5. Sauber: Vill and Massa combine for Sauber's highest point total yet
    6. BAR: The bloom is off the rose, back to reality
    7. Toyota: Still learning
    8. Red Bull. Less than 10 pts.
    9. Minardi Strong finish to the season
    10 Jordan. 0 points
  • TOIT
    WILLIAMS- Heidfeld to be faster
    SAUBER- Villeneuve to blow Massa away- he's foxing
  • 1. TOIT (And they'll do it in record time)
    2. Renault (Will win at least 3 races)
    3. Williams (Webber consistently on the podium)
    4. McLaren
    5. Sauber
    6. B.A.R
    7. Toyota
    8. Red Bull
    9. Jordan
    10. Minardi with just 2 points to there name.
  • 1) Ferrari
    2) Renault
    3) McLaren
    4) BAR
    5) Williams
    6) Toyota
    7) Red Bull
    8) Sauber
    9) Minardi
    10) Jordan

    I think especially the BAR vs. Williams and Minardi vs. Midland battles will be close.

    [Edited on 19/2/2005 by Stan]
  • 1) Renault
    2) Mclaren
    3) Ferrari
    4) Williams
    5) BAR Honda
    6) Sauber
    7) Toyota
    8) Minardi
    9) Red Bull
    10) Midlands
  • Not that it matters, but here is my selection

    1) TOIT - Will win but margin will be very close.
    2) Renault - Looking real good
    3) McLaren - Looking good too
    4) BAR - Will do OK, but the French and McLaren will do better.
    5) Williams - If mark can qualify the Jag on front row he should have fun this year.
    6) Toyota - will do better, they have too
    7) Sauber - I thought the car looked good, but massa is allping better than JV which is scary, big diappointment.
    8) Minardi - stellar year, Too many new faces at RB and Jordan. Lap it up boys. I also think the new round air intake has something to do with a radical engine cover for the PS05.
    9) Red Bull - Too many people at the top who know little about F1. Yes David, I am talking about you.
    10) Jordan - Will make Kiesa look like a good driver.
  • Ok here's mine for what it's worth (not a lot)

    1) TOIT
    2) Mc Claren
    3) Williams (flatters car with decent driver partnership)
    4) Renault
    5) BAR
    6) Sauber
    7) Toyota
    8) RBR
    9) Midland/Jordan
    10) Minardi (but will pick up a point this time)
  • 10) Minardi (but will pick up a point this time)
    Where were you in 2004 ????
    Remember Zsolts point NOW !!!!
  • A PROPER point
  • !- Ferrari, but less overpowering (I hope)
    2- BAR, the big surpise us again (you have to have 1 upset), Takuma will strike.......
    3- Renault, good teamwork, no major hick-ups, nice driversmainly a wish
    4- McLaren, a complaining Montoya and a drunken Kimi
    5- Williams, two young drivers that can't handle the pressure
    6- Sauber, look slick, but TOJV has lost his magic (hope I'm wrong !!)
    7-Toyota, will certainly improve this year and will be a real force in 2006
    8- Red Bull (the chaos at Midland is bigger than theirs, but there isn't a proper bae (yet)
    9- Midland-Jordan, the first Indian race-points !!
    10- Minardi (snif)

  • A PROPER point
    Any point scored in my books is proper. Remember that starting, pitting, avoiding choas by Ralf (OZ 2002, US 2004) is all part of the game. In fact if it wasn't for ralf we'd be pointless.

    Three Cheers for Ralf!
  • Whaddya mean, P10? Even if you think that, don't say it!

    1. TOIT
    2. Renault
    3. McLaren
    4. BAR
    5. Williams
    6. Toyota
    7. Sauber
    8. RedBull
    9. Glorious Minardi Team
    10. Yellow scum

    MS as driverchamp.
    Alonso and Fisico drive each other to new heights.
    Montoya to break Kimi
    Lacklustre chassis from BAR, plus some Sato moments.
    Webber to edge Heidfeld
    Toyota close to others, but unhappy team - too little too late
    RedBull get act together late on, after ditching Klien for Liuzzi
    New Minardi respectable at best, but drivers try hard.
    Jordan rubbish, drivers crash out too often while trying hard.

    Politics tedious, rules absurd, but fail to overshadow best racing for years.

    Toyota pull out at end of year, precipitating the final demise of manufacturer led F1. Frank and Patrick sell team to BMW, and disappear in puff of ennui.

    Ron Dennis grows beard, and takes up smoking, Stoddart shaves beard off, and gives up. Money saved doubles windtunnel budget.

    Engines crisis - new V8s priced way beyond current deals for V10s. Customer chassis based, two tier F1 introduced. End of F1 as we know it.

    Bernie buys back shares in SLEC at half the price he paid, and reveals the masterplan to resurrect F1.

    I may be wrong about Stoddart giving up smoking.

  • [quoteAny point scored in my books is proper. ][/quote]

    I'm glad you're so easily pleased. Give me a PS04 and I'll drive around at 10mph and make it to the end whilst the other's drop out.....perhaps I can luck one point too.
    Minardi needs to be EARNING those points on track by mixing it with the rest and RACING!
  • Fisichella WDC. Michelin with the better tyre.
    McLaren WCC.
    Ferrari strong but not the strongest.
    BAR struggling, together with Williams.
    Heidfeld and Trulli benefiting the most from long life tyres.
    Minardi... Everything looks promising, but so did the 2003 pre-season. The fact is the budget will probably be almost the same as last year, all will depend on whether the new car can put Cosworth's power down on tarmac. The line-up not as weak as last year, but still not much better than Midland's. They can be beaten anyway, RBR and Sauber too far ahead. Friesacher faster than Albers.
  • 1) TOIT (Teasing the oposition)
    2) Renault (Going good)
    3) Mclaren (JPM and KR colliding often)
    4) Williams (Heidfeld leaving Webber standing still)
    5) Sauber (Massa outclassing JV)
    6) Toyota (Finnally some luck)
    7) BAR (Going downhill faster than a stone)
    8) Minardi (PS05 pushing them close to BAR)
    9) Redbull (inexperience showing)
    10) Jordan (Rounding up the back of the field)

  • Minardi needs to be EARNING those points on track by mixing it with the rest and RACING!
    You try and do that with only 40 mill in F1.
  • 4) Williams (Heidfeld leaving Webber standing still)
    Everyone's entitled to their opinion, but :hehe:
    7) BAR (Going downhill faster than a stone)
    8) Minardi (PS05 pushing them close to BAR)
    Over-optimistic? You're quig's new best friend. :o
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