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Judas taken over by Horner, new car ready in the middle of the season!

NOVEMBER 26, 2004
Jordan on the verge of a deal
Eddie Jordan and Christian Horner are believed to be only days away from announcing a deal which will see the team pass into the hands of the owner of the Arden International Formula 3000 team. Eddie Jordan and Horner have been in negotiation for weeks but the whisper in F1 circles is that a deal is now done and the team will soon change its name. It is not clear yet who is bankrolling the deal but Horner has obviously found backing from somewhere. The big question now is who will drive for the team, which ran Nick Heidfeld and Timo Glock at the end of the year, the team having agreed to part with Giorgio Pantano in the latter part of the year. Heidfeld is still on the market although BMW appear to want to see him as a driver at BMW Williams (probably a test driver). Glock is still on the market but will have to contend with the likes of Ryan Briscoe (who may help lessen the load of the Toyota engine deal) and David Coulthard is also still out there, looking for a job. Horner is also known to be very keen to secure the services of Vitantonio Liuzzi, who won the Formula 3000 title this year with Arden. Liuzzi is impressing in his tests at Red Bull Racing, where Tony Purnell is also a big fan. It is worth noting that in recent weeks there has also been some revived interest in Liuzzi from down Williams way although the Italian is keen to get a racing seat in F1 rather than a testing role.

The Jordan package in 2005 is not going to be hugely competitive at the start of the year as there will have to be an interim car because of the late nature of the decisions having been made but the team is planning to introduce a new car in the middle of the year which will be designed by ex-Renault designer Mark Smith and this mated to a Toyota engine could be a very useful package with which to give the team a solid base on which to build for the future

Jordan will be even later with a new car!!!!!(if grandprix.com is right of course)


  • Good news = Their new car will be later then ours
    Bad news = It will be Toyota powered and ex Renault designer designed


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  • So now it's 2 teams that are asking for dispensation !!!!
    Does that make the probability bigger or littler that other teams agree to it !?!?!
  • Guys, the problem is that other teams (Jordan and ex-Jaguar) are finding fresh money, while no-one seems really interested in backing us.

    With the entrance of Midlands and Dubai F1 in 2006 (other two teams that might have been interested in supporting us instead) this time I really see little future for us. Bernie will be no more interested in saving Minardi to keep a decent number of teams, as there will already be 11 apart from us.
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  • Should have gone out with a bang.........hanging on at the back of the grid serves no purpose cos eventually you'll fall off!
  • Jordan is not asking for a dispensation. They will produce a hybrid to 05 regs!
  • Their doing a hack job just like Minardi. The only difference will be the engine and Minardi's car is only for the first three races. I can't imagine ether car being competetive.
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    What optomism, keep it up.
  • Jordan is not asking for a dispensation. They will produce a hybrid to 05 regs!
    I thougth that the dispensation meant driving the PS04B, BUT with the new wings!!!!
    Why else would Nissany have tested the new wings on the PS04B a Misano???

    BTW, TOIT will also be running a 2005-spec F2004 until Imola.
  • Unfortunatly the 2005 regulations require and engine to do what the CR3 can't do unless it's severly detuned. My assumption is that Stoddart will have to run 2005 aero while accepting the penalties for changing engines after each of the first 3 races.

    Nissany didn't just test those wings for the 2005 version of the PS04, but like the other teams, they're collecting data for the definitive 2005 aerodynamics package.
  • Looks like it Arden will not take over Judas because they will race in the new GP2 series:
    GP@ reveales first twelve teams.
    After weeks of speculation and anticipation, the GP2 series has finally revealed the list of teams accepted for its first championship, which takes the place of the FIA F3000 Championship from 2005.

    Owing to unprecedented interested in the new formula, a 13th team may be added to the field in the next couple of weeks, but the initial dozen entries includes F3000 stalwarts such as reigning champions Arden International, Coloni, BCN, Durango and Super Nova, plus additions from other series and the odd completely new outfit.

    Adrian Campos Racing joins from the Spanish F3 series, but has prior experience of more powerful machinery having contested the World Series by Nissan. Hitech Piquet Sports - formed by a partnership of Hitech Racing and Piquet Sports - and P1 Motorsport graduate from the British F3 series, while the former ASM team - now known as ART - makes the move from the F3 Euroseries. Former F3000 regular DAMS returns to the F1 support series having concentrated on FRenault V6 and sportscars in recent seasons, and is accompanied by former FRV6 rival David Price Racing.

    The one entirely new operation on the entry list is iSport International, which was formed during the summer by former Den Bla Avis team boss Paul Jackson. Having been confirmed on the inaugural entry list, the team now expects to stage its official launch at the WilliamsF1 factory in Grove.

    The full list of entries is as follows:

    Arden International
    ART (formerly ASM)
    Adrian Campos Racing
    David Price Racing
    Durango Corse
    Hitech Piquet Sports
    iSport International
    P1 Motorsport
    Super Nova.

    Drivers have yet to be officially confirmed at any team bar Hitech Piquet - which named Nelson Piquet Jr and Alexandre Negrão within minutes of being named as one of the twelve entries - but several teams, most notably Arden, BCN and Durango have been hitting the tracks to evaluate talent for 2005.

    Teams are expected to get their first chassis by the end of January, and the second in early March, while official test dates have been confirmed for the two months prior to the opening race, in France, on 17 April.
  • it's not like teams have never competed in two championships simultaneously before.
    I seem to recall Minardi competing in both Formula One and Formula 3000 on the same weekend many times...
  • Yeah, but it was always a Formula1 team that started a f3000 team, this is the other way around. I don't think Arden has enough backing to do both.
    Also, when you want to enter GP2 as a team you need to be there for three years at least, it's in the contract.

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