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Minardi Auction

Here is the latest from faenza:



LEDBURY, ENGLAND, November 20, 2004 – The largest-ever auction of modern F1 cars and memorabilia came to a highly successful conclusion this afternoon with Minardi Team Principal, Paul Stoddart, and auctioneers, Bache Treharne LLP, pronouncing themselves extremely pleased with the overall result of the sale.


Aside from the thousands of potential purchasers of F1 merchandise who visited the Ledbury auction site, many thousands more joined the four-day auction in virtual form, bidding on-line from a total of over 30 countries for the more than 6,000 lots that were on offer.   Incredibly, bids ranged from $8, for a team tee-shirt, to over $180,000, for a 1997 Tyrrell 025 Formula One car in running order.


Adding a further touch of excitement to the proceedings, Minardi Formula One drivers Zsolt Baumgartner and Nicolas Kiesa attended the auction, chatting with bidders and signing autographs.  The drivers also assisted with a special daily auction benefiting the BBC Children in Need appeal and the Diana Princess of Wales National Air Ambulance Paediatric Unit.  Each of the successful bidders, who collectively contributed $70,000 to the nominated charities, will receive the thrill of a lifetime in a Minardi two-seater F1 car either next week in Italy, at the Autodromo Santamonica near Misano, or at one of the team’s 2005 events.


At the conclusion of the event today, Minardi Team Principal, Paul Stoddart, commented, “I’d like to thank Bache Treharne, as well as all our staff, for their fantastic efforts and for the weeks of support that led to thousands of items representing modern F1 history going to good homes in the course of what has been a truly international event.  I’d also like to thank Zsolt and Nicolas, who gave freely of their time to attend the event and to assist with the auction of the Minardi two-seater rides, the proceeds of which will benefit two very worthwhile causes.  In addition, Nicolas was kind enough to provide Danish translation services on the internet!”


Bache Treharne Chief Auctioneer, Chris Hall, who sold the first lot on Wednesday morning and brought the bidding to a conclusion on Saturday afternoon, said, “With goods sold to customers as far away as Brazil, Australia, the United States, Japan, South Africa, and most western European countries, there is no doubt this has been both a successful and enjoyable event.  Everyone at Bache Treharne is very proud to have been involved in what has been undoubtedly the biggest F1 auction ever.”

 Personally I think it was bunk. Well,I have not gotten word yet that I won anything BUT even if I do I will not really bee to happy. The auction was not Mac friendly and their response to some of my inquires has been slow if not non existent.


  • Great minds think/post alike quig:D
  • Now my "Minardi Auction" thread has vanished, whats going on RJ?
  • oops deleted it because I thought you had hit post twice:rolleyes:
  • Yeah - i had a great question for you in it? How did you find out IF you won?

    I bid BIG dollars on certain items and should have won. IMO of course.

    I think they should have run it like ebay. Many of these items are going to end up on ebay and I will win them there if I want but all I wanted was a couple of items....

    I'm pissed.
  • Quig before RJ deleted everything I saw this morning you wanted to Know about the 186 rear wing, how much did you bid for it?
  • Does anyone know how much money Stoddart made from the auction?
    I don't know why, but I get the feeling of that he did not get those $5 million he believed he would get from the auction.
  • 150 pounds. Too low?
  • Are we both talking about lot 5421?
  • Yep.

    I put 150 on it as well as 5486 the 1993 BETA sponsored nose piece.

    In addition on three diff Team photos I put:

    5301 - 1993 Team photo - 25 pounds

    5316 - 1998 Team photo - 15 pounds

    5317 - 1997 200 GP photo - 15 pounds

    Now it looks like I went low but for me 150 pounds is a pretty good chunk of change.
  • Th ephotos went for a lot more, the 200GP went for hundreds, I don't know about the nose but I don't think they got you're bids as I won the rear wing for £110. Sorry
  • You want to make some money?
  • Not really, sorry quig.
  • Not really, sorry quig.
    Story ofmy life.

    Note to PS

    Dear Paul,

    If you use the same standard for picking the people who work for your F1 effort that you did for the auction I think that your future in F1 is going to be very rocky.

    In just one example you can see how you lost 40 pounds. Translate that auction wide and you could prob have had TOIT lumps next year.


  • I also had huge problems with the auction. I applied at the beginning of november and never got my application number. when one day before the start of the auction (and my attempt to secure the Faenza lion flag) I sent them an email about what the F*** was going on I got this
    Emails are being sent out. Please bear with us as we are overwhelmed with registrations.

    All I can say is :spank:

    he should have done it on ebay and not with some third class auction house from Birmingham!!!!
  • I also lost out on a lot because the system didn't recognise my phone bid. It only went for £30 and I would have happily paid £100+:mad:
  • third class auction house from Birmingham!!!!
    Hey third class is upper class here in Birmingham I'll have you know!!!
  • According to Graham Jones in the newspaper 'Het Algemeen Dagblad' the auction has brought in about 2 million dollars. They are still negotiating some items, but it is probably that amount. It is not the 5 million Stoddart expected but any extra cash is ok.
  • Arrows didnt get sold so that is a large part of the loss in income.
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