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Stoddart sings Webber's praises. Again.

From our friends at itvf1.com:


Paul Stoddart is convinced that fellow Aussie Mark Webber will become a grand prix winner in 2005.

Stoddart gave Webber his F1 break with Minardi back in 2002, and he is in no doubt as to what the 28-year-old can achieve.

He said: "I think Mark is on the brink of showing the world what he can really do.

"In a competitive car like the Williams I think Mark will win his debut race this year if Williams get it together and I really hope they do.

"Then, he's going to be up there challenging for what I believeis the true championship position - and that's second place (behind Ferrari).”

Stoddart said that Webber’s biggest strength is his enthusiasm.

He said: “I think Mark brings to any team he comes to - he certainly did to our team and he did to Jaguar - such a tremendous team spirit.

“There’s only one driver other than Michael Schumacher out there that lives, breathes, sleeps, eats Formula 1 110 per cent - and that's Mark Webber.

"That's why I've got so much faith in where he'll end up and I think you'll find he'll surprise everybody with Williams.”


  • Good luck to him!
  • Yep he'll need it. I think this pairing is going to be very very close indeed. This is what Mark Webber needs though, to prove himself against teammates on equal terms. This is something he did'nt really have at Jaguar. He was the number one boy and was given the full backing from Jaguar whilst the scraps were left for their number two guys.
  • Hmm.... someone's still bitter they did their money with that hack Wilson. ;)
  • No Mark willnot win this year, that's my op.

  • I fear Stoddart wide of the mark again. Nothing new for him in F1 though. Williams are in trouble with their chassis. I expect Heidfeld to take the honours in that team.
  • Good luck Webbo, you'll need it.
  • Hmm.... someone's still bitter they did their money with that hack Wilson. ;)
    Ouch :D

    (and probably true)
  • Wilson screwed up going to Jaguar and I wrote a letter to Palmer (of which I got a reply) to say just that. Past history at Stewart/Jaguar should have dictated that he would have been better served staying with Minardi.
    As for that old 'hack', that 'old hack' is finally earning a SMALL wage this year so the dividend is trickling in.......
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