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Mosely vs the Manufacturers

This one's going to be big folks. If ever there was a case of someone exceeding their sell by date its Max Mosely. I have to commend him on his drive to make F1 safer, however he is just implementing changes in an arbritrary fashion on the pretext of safety.
Changes instigated last year have not slowed the cars down. Two race engines have resulted in more development costs thrust on the manufacturers. A further change to V8s next year could reduce engine supply and add costs to the teams. Nor will a V8 be any slower. Its lighter, has a more stable configuration and a shorter crank shaft means that Cosworth are already hitting 850bhp.
Frank Williams summed it up in a recent interview. He said that Mosely wants the manufacturers out, he sees them as too powerful and a threat. I agree that the GWPC would rather not set up their own championship. Its much simpler to remove Mosely and have their views implemented.
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