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Just saw Stoddart.

Just saw PS driving thru Melbourne Tues morning.

Big deal I hear you say!!!!

What's interesting is that he is driving a Porsche Cayenne with "Minardi F1 Team" stickers on the side, with OZJET.1 number plates. So I wonder if it will be the (bogus) naming sponsor to cover the car for the lack of a real sponsor.

I guess we will find out on Thursday.

Nice ride though:P


  • You did not chase him down, cut him off and interrogate him?
  • Sorry, but I was picking up my wife and son, besides he was going in the opposite direction. There was a tram between my side and his side. There was an earthquake, then a hurricane, a tidal wave, a plague of rats...............I SWEAR I TRIED...............
  • He can afford a Cayenne but our boys can't spend too much time in the wind tunnel? :(
  • Instead of 'Cayenne' I like to call those cars K-9's. Dog of a machine.
  • Probably Schott's car. Just another Toorak Taxi.

    Now I've just been out to a meeting at Honda and as we were leaving there was a bevy of absolute beauties massed in the foyer. New short-term grid employees in for a thong-fitting, no doubt.

  • Mmmmm Thhhonnngs.............
  • Had you gotten to question him in front of the wife and kid would you have asked your prime question first?

    You know - the one about Ralf's ol' lady?
  • Porsche Cayenne

    Oh dear oh dear...... What the hell is he driving that about for? If he wanted a off roader he should have got a Land Rover discovery, if he wanted a road car then he should have bought a road car cos the Cayenne does neither of these things at all well. It's all for looks the Cayenne, personally I'd rather have the red pepper spice Cayenne, at least it has a kick in it.
    Rich middle class women have these to pick up the kids from school.....in the same class is that shite BMW 4 wheel drive monstrosity.....
  • Maybe Porsche being an Albers sponsor has got something to do with PS's choice of car.
  • The man has the right to own such a 4wd, I mean he has some businesses outside Minardi. C'mon guys, drop the bashing. Leave it for Matt.

    EDIT: Roo next time throw same nails to have him stopped right there for a Forza interview. Wife and kid can wait:spank:

    [Edited on 2/3/2005 by yokosuna]
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