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Minardi's Market value

A number of specialist magazines have stated that Jaguar, Minardi and Jordan were up for sale. Two of the three have now been sold.
The question remains what is Minardi's asking price. I don't think that the teams value can be more than $10 million, since any buyer needs to restructure the whole tech department and put in considerable investment.
The problem is that every year the decreasing performance means the teams value falls. At some stage we will reach the tipping point where the team ceasses to have a commercial value and its more expedient for it to be taken over. If Midland arrives on the scene next year I think we would have reached that stage.


  • Thats nice :rolleyes:
  • every team on the grid is for sale if the price is right. I haven't read a word about Minardi being up for sale otherwise.
    It's not as though the team has been waving the 'For Sale' flag like Jordan and Jag were...
  • Thats wher you're wrong. Its common knowledge Stoddart wants to sell the team. Ask Facty Crab if you don't believe me.
  • why? Facty Crab is stoddart?
  • i think minardi is worth more than jordan since it has much less liabilities. but then jaguar was sold for a dollar on the condition that the buyer commits a minimum of 90m per year to keep it going for at least 3 years.

    minardi can probably be bought for around 30 million and the liability of around 20m taken over by the buyer...and the buyer will not be bound with any minimum spending per year on the team.

    good buy if the buyer wants to just keep the team going at the present spend rate and wait for the economy to turn around.
  • you didn't answer
  • The entry level for a new team is about 100m if you buy into a team with no debts....and remember this is what stoddie is trying to clear. Then a back of the field team like Jordan or Minardi is worth about 30-50mil.

    Unless you're a rich russian then its cheaper to strat up.....
  • Where do you guys get all this debt information from? Like I've said many times before the only debt that Stoddart has/had was to the Rumi estate and that was on a timetabled payment plan.
  • jaguar was sold for a dollar on the condition that the buyer commits a minimum of 90m per year to keep it going for at least 3 years.
    Apparently Red Bull paid Ford $55m for Jaguar, which is why it took so long for the deal to be negotiated.
  • Minardi is not worth more than Jordan. Last year Jordan made a profit of $500 000 on an operating budget of $50 million. I don't much about Minardi's finances, but I do Know it did not post any profit. If you add that Jordan have just secured a deal for Toyota engines and have signed the chief Renault designer, which team is worth more?
  • Jordan made a profit?

    huh? then why wave the flag looking for new owners? If you can turn a profit in such a difficult operating climate, then you would stick around...

    I find it hard to believe they turned a profit. Revenue greater than 50M?
  • I agree with JuniorMin....I don't think any team at the bottom made a profit.

    You should spend all that you make for the year....but when you work with 50mil that's going pretty close.
  • Petrol you probably misread. It was in 2003 when Jordan officialy made a profit of £587,000 on turnover of £46.6m. However actually it was a loss of £9.7m because they included the Honda compensation in 2003’s figures while it was paid to the team in 2002. Mind you they won a race in 2003 too, so one can only imagine how significant their 2004 loss was.
  • Can someone explain me HOW a F1 team can make a profit ???

    I thought the teams invest all the money they have into the season/car, etc.
  • through kick-backs on marked up supplies ( goes to the team owners/principals) then cash/transmission by tt smuggled out or sent to cover ficticious expenditure...creating losses/expenses...numbered secret accounts get fat, teams made almost zero profits or losses...very lucrative indeed.

    in the 80s and 90s, teams order their drivers to carry brief cases of cash from kickbacks out of their country of domicile (usually uk) and deposited into swiss and offshore accounts. one team owner and his driver were caught but never publicised.
  • There it is again. Another little snippet from the sawbones out of the blue. Like the comments about Tilley chain-smoking on the pit wall the trend continues.

    One day we will discover the connection - Sid!
  • Petrol you need to give your Intell people a big old toe in the freckle.

    If they can get the Jordan figures, why can't they get the Minardi figures? Or is that you just aren't interested, and it's easier to just pop up in here everynow and then and sling mud from the safety of your computer?
  • The figure I quoted were taken from an article in F1 business.
    Lease you're flogging a dead horse with the support Stoddart at all costs. The team are in a dead zone under him. Does anyone really think 2005 will be any better?
  • Does anyone really think 2005 will be any better?

    Im not expecting a pole or wins but if the PS05 is a new design (not PS01 MKV) We should at least be back in the action rather than trailing by several laps.

    One thing i have noticed is that a small increase in reletave performance could make a significant improvement.

    In 2004 we were often 3-4 laps down by the end of the race.
    If you assume that we lose around of 1 seconds each time we have to let past a car under blue flags with 18 cars lapping us 3 times (this allows for a few retirements) that makes just under a minute lost .

    By racing in the pack not only get any reletaive perfomance gain but could save the "being lapped time" too. (Also this would put the cars in a better position for taking better advantage of any pace car periods)

  • Get real mate. You can't defy the physics. Minardi will be using the same oversized, overweight tub. Reason: Stoddart can't, won't invest in the design of a new one. Minardi are the only team to persevere with the flip ups. Everyone else has moved to winglets and an ultra compact rear. Tilley is a race engineer not an aerodynamicist or a designer.
    Next years aero changes will be brutal for Minardi, if they have not invested in an aero program, what chance of improvement?
    On the engine front. We've been here before. 2003 better engine, worse chassis - disatrous season. QED!
  • What do you mean: no aero ??

    Quig confirmed (in the testing in Jerez-thread) that the PS05 is having tunnel time !!!!
  • I think it's rather unfair to say that Tilley is merely a race engineer. When he's not filling that role he's in Lola's wind tunnel or turning telemetry into design changes in Faenza.
  • Im not expecting a pole or wins but if the PS05 is a new design (not PS01 MKV) We should at least be back in the action rather than trailing by several laps.
    ha ha........yeah right! It's good to dream however reality bites when it comes to the next season. If Tilley is filling two positions then don't you think this is stretching it somewhat? If he were that good at doing both, the top running teams would have picked him up a long time ago......hell they'd only have to pay one wage!!!
    Come on lets face the stark realities people. Minardi lose or get rid of people and have never since PS took over, replaced them with equal talent or at all. When Walton passed, did they name a new team manager? Nope. When Ryton went did they replace him? Nope?
    When Brunner left did they replace him properly...no disrespect to Tredozzi, but nope........
    Its failure from top to bottom in this outfit right now. I'm pissed cos eventually Minardi is going to be run into the ground completely. 3 laps down from everyone last year will be a godsend compared with this coming season.
    New design means nothing. I could create a new design but without the leading edge skills required I would'nt be any good at it and waste the money.........nuff said.
  • Matt - I agreee on some of your points but disagree about Tilley. Let us see what he produces on this new car before we pass judgement. He has done pretty well considering the PS04 was 3+ years old. It could be that he has stuck around so that HE COULD get the chance to do a car - make a name for himself as it were. if he were to go to another Team he prob would not get that chance.

    That being said Minardi HAS to get back to finishing on the same lap as the leaders or at least in contact with the majority.


    PS NEEDS to hire a new TM and the guy best for the job is GCM.
  • God knows I'm catatonic now ...

    It is hard to see much improvement next season. Hope for the best, prepare for the wort must be our motto. Jordan has done it again (re: tech staff and engine) and Minardi has not, that is the blunt truth.

    I wish Stoddie all the best and I wish he'd sell the team to someone who knows what they're doing. Increasingly, I feel Stoddie's doing this for the bloody paddock pass/grandstanding.

    Forza Minardi!
  • His 5 years are up at the end of this season - it is do or die time.
  • You mean this NEXT season, right ?!
    2001 was his 1st season !!
  • Lastly

    PS NEEDS to hire a new TM and the guy best for the job is GCM.
    See the Misano test thread P4.

    An examole of the UK/US "special relationship":hehe:
  • Emmett, I've got to admire your loyalty. The same can be said for Matt, Viges etc. All die hard fans who backed Minardi from the early years. I just don't know about Tilley. He joined the team in 200 and was never given a design portfolio.
    Its a big ask to expect him to pull a rabbit out of the hat with no money.
    As a positive aside Midland have appointed Gary Anderson to design their challenger. A chink of light, for although Anderson might design a car thats easy to engineer, he's just as likely to design an ill handling beast!
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