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  • sorry guys, have amended the results once again after protests from neil and thunderbolt....hope they're finally right...
  • I had Rubens for second as well
  • posted on 2/3/2005 at 13:41
    Pole: Fissi
    1st: MS
    2nd: RB
    3rd: GF
    DNF: JPM
    Albers: 12th
    Fries: DNF
    I've got 2 points but if my maths is right I should have 4

    I had Fissicella for pole and Barrichello for 2nd.

    Thanks for changing it Facty

    [Edited on 7/3/2005 by Minardifan2002]
  • I told ya he was rigging it :hehe: ;)
  • Should i act as ref again, and double check Factys results, and reduce the chances of errors?
  • He who makes nothing makes no mistakes!
    Keep it up FactyCrab!
    You will surely solve the initial hiccups!
  • sooo sorry guys, it's the 3/2/1 new point system that got me...

    yahhhh, 4eva, please do substitute mcsf who has not responded and help me check. thanx...

    i wanna win this fair and square if possible...clown? :(
  • Good start to my f1 predictions season this year. With Forza I'm joint 1st and with poleF1 I'm 20th out of about 1000.
  • Yep Facty, i'll be your deputy, just checked everyones scores again, and everyones is ok now. Got a bit confused with Manni putting Albers as first DNF then changing it to RS!!! Bad move Manni!
  • thanks, eva...
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